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We produce near-virgin recycled resin that's used in a variety of ways in the plastic conversion industry, such as bottle-to-bottle conversion - intermediate layers and 100% recycled packaging for non-food
grade products.
This PCR resin can also be used for bottle-to-other conversions, producing products like agricultural pipelines, automotive parts, construction material, furniture, household products and decorative items.
The PCR resin we provide can be used as a raw material on its own, as well as mixed with virgin resin to make new products.
Our manufacturing process has always involved close collaboration with our customers to understand their requirements.
This in turn has given us the capability to provide our customers, recycled PP and HDPE resins in different colours with additional properties.

We will supply a blend of recycled post consumer and post industrial, HDPE and PP resins in near-virgin quality, adhering to the given specifications.

Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recycled resin comes in several varieties to meet the needs of any manufacturing application.
Whether you require blow moulding, extrusion moulding, or injection moulding, our recycled HDPE resin can be transformed into high-quality HDPE materials and products.
Our premium quality recycled HDPE resins provide strength, rigidity, and good impact resistance to the end material or product.
Depending on the variety, our HDPE pellets are available in different colors, apart from white or transparent.

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