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Apr 28 '16 North America, Europe drive additive manufacturing formulations market in 3D Printing
Apr 28 '16 Double digit growth in 3D printing offers methodologies to make manufacturing of complex designs a reality
Apr 28 '16 Fiber-reinforced polymers find increasing application in bridges
Apr 28 '16 Healthcare to grow fastest, packaging to remain dominant in global injection molded plastics market
Apr 28 '16 Molded plastics market in GCC to be driven by rising demand from packaging and construction
Mar 30 '16 Growth of packaging and automotive in Asia Pacific to drive global polypropylene demand
Mar 30 '16 Demand for injection molded parts from auto, packaging, construction, electronics to drive global bio PP
Mar 30 '16 Biodegradable polymer grafts could grow to fix spine, biocompatible polymer 3D-printed into lifesaving implant ...
Mar 30 '16 Bacteria that degrades PET, gut bacteria being converted into bioplastics
Mar 30 '16 Acrylonitrile butadiene lignin (ABL) - a moldable, ductile material tougher than ABS
Feb 29 '16 Global thermoplastic pipes demand to register CAGR of over 6% until end of decade
Feb 29 '16 Europe continues to be largest masterbatch market, to drive global growth at CAGR of 7% until 2020
Feb 29 '16 Thin Wall Packaging is a market with clear definition in Europe, unclear definition in North America
Feb 29 '16 Growth in global in-mold labels market to be driven by demand for FnB products in China, India, South America
Feb 29 '16 Driven by food && beverage labelling, global synthetic paper market to be worth over US$300 mln by 2019
Jan 28 '16 Demand from construction, packaging, consumer goods, auto to drive global plastic additives market till 2020
Jan 28 '16 Led by demand from building && construction sector, WPC market to grow well globally
Jan 28 '16 Products from wood and natural fibre composites are sustainable, offer a natural look and feel
Jan 28 '16 Demand from packaging, automotive, aerospace industry leads to consumption growth of polymer nanocomposites
Jan 28 '16 Robust demand for anti-static agents to be fuelled by soaring consumption of plastics across end user industri ...
Dec 31 '15 Petrochemical and Polymer Industry 2015, A Challenging Year for the Global Economy
Nov 30 '15 Global advanced polymer composites growth to be driven by rising demand from aerospace industry
Nov 30 '15 Growing penetration in automotive industry to drive global thermoplastic Polyurethane films market
Nov 30 '15 Protective clothing, reinforcement materials, ballistics to drive growth of global glass and specialty synthet ...
Nov 30 '15 Advances in global thermoplastic elastomers market to be driven by ongoing product innovations
Nov 30 '15 Continuous fiber thermoplastics to be driven by increasing penetration in aerospace and automotive
Oct 26 '15 Global agricultural films market to grow at over 5.5% on increasing demand from Asia-Pacific
Oct 26 '15 Developments in agricultural films as farm output targeted to double by 2050
Oct 26 '15 Advances in barrier film reduces emissions of volatile pesticides and fumigants in crop production
Oct 26 '15 Amid growing concerns of disposal, recycling of agricultural plastic waste gaining in USA
Oct 26 '15 Consumption of agricultural film in Europe and solution for recycling of agri plastics
Sep 29 '15 Styrenic polymers market for medical applications to register CAGR of 7.5% uptil decade-end
Sep 29 '15 Selecting the best material for medical devices
Sep 29 '15 Feedstock price volatility to challenge growth of global medical composite market for orthopaedics
Sep 29 '15 Color changing polymer to signal traumatic brain injuries , polymer gel for swallowable devices with ultra-lon ...
Sep 29 '15 Biofilm with antimicrobial, antifungal properties for implants; nerve-like polymer network uses biological mec ...
Aug 26 '15 Global automotive composites market to grow faster than automotive market until decade-end
Aug 26 '15 Thermoplastic elastomers to steer technological advancements that will drive growth of global elastomers marke ...
Aug 26 '15 Global market of nano-packaging for food and beverages to reach US$15 bln in 2020
Aug 26 '15 Demand from auto, packaging in APAC, LATAM to drive growth in global masterbatch industry
Aug 26 '15 Urbanization, rising incomes in Asia Pacific leads growth in global flame retardant market
Jul 29 '15 Demand from building && construction to drive double digit growth of global wood plastic composites market
Jul 29 '15 Growth in global manufacturing output, spending on packaged goods to aid rigid packaging demand
Jul 29 '15 Bio-based polymers to augment global plastic compounding market growth at CAGR of 5.9% uptil 2022
Jul 29 '15 Increasing environmental awareness, government intervention promote growth in plastic additives market
Jul 29 '15 Biobased polymer capacity to triple to 17 mln tons in 2020- PET, PLA, PHA to show fastest growth
Jun 29 '15 Trends shift from rigid packaging to flexible packaging
Jun 29 '15 The end of product loss that occurs when the packaged product sticks to container sides
Jun 29 '15 Europe maintains slow but consistent growth in flexible packaging market in 2014
Jun 29 '15 Escalating demand from Asia Pacific to drive growth of global flexible packaging till decade-end
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