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Sep 29 '14 Consistent developments in large area electronics spur rapid growth of global flexible electronics
Sep 29 '14 50 percent increase in global propylene production by 2030 leads to shift in historical supply relationships
Sep 29 '14 New development to simplify the process of sorting plastics in recycling plants
Sep 29 '14 New cost-effective system solutions to drive growth of flexible electronic devices
Sep 29 '14 Polymer scaffold stimulates bone growth, biodegradable sponge supports new bone cell growth
Sep 12 '14 Building and construction, automotive drive world market for CFRP composites past US$26 bln
Sep 12 '14 US shale gas changing dynamics in petrochemical industry of Asia, Latin America, Middle East
Sep 12 '14 Strides in microrobotics, face reconstruction, minimally invasive surgery with shape shifting plastics
Sep 12 '14 Global continuous fiber thermoplastics estimated to grow at over 8% until end of decade
Sep 12 '14 Asia Pacific dominates global engineering plastics market estimated to cross US$79000 mln by 2018
Sep 12 '14 Global catalyst market expected to cross 7,803 KT by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 3.2%
Sep 01 '14 Demand from N America, Europe, APAC, to drive SAP market past US$8 bln by end of decade
Sep 01 '14 Global green and sustainable packaging market to grow at over 7 percent by 2018
Sep 01 '14 NGLs challenge oil as feedstock in N America, increase global demand for on-purpose propylene
Sep 01 '14 Global aerospace plastics market to grow at CAGR of over 7 percent uptil 2018
Sep 01 '14 Developments in bioplastics feedstock - seaweed, shrimp shells, microalgal biomass
Sep 01 '14 Demand from construction, automotive in APAC drives global growth of masterbatches
Aug 13 '14 Global market for polymeric, green/bio polyols driven by growing PU demand in auto, construction, furniture
Aug 13 '14 W Europe, USA to drive biodegradable plastic packaging demand to US$8415 mln by 2019
Aug 13 '14 Driven by Asia Pacific, Polyurethane coating consumption estimated to grow to 2,644,000 tons by 2018
Aug 13 '14 North America to drive global microinjection polymer molding growth to US$897.3 mln by 2020
Aug 13 '14 Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) market estimated to be worth US$831 mln by 2018
Aug 13 '14 Driven by OLEDs, flexible display market projected to reach US$3.89 billion by 2020
Jul 30 '14 Cost saving PET pelletizing system produces in single integrated process, underwater pelletizing system
Jul 30 '14 With a growing middle class and rise in urbanization, Asia to drive global olefin demand
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