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Feb 27 '15 Phase Change Material technology in two wheeler seat covers controls microclimate of human body
Feb 27 '15 New self stretching shape memory polymer, reversible shape shifting in elastomers
Feb 27 '15 Polymers in smart windows block solar heat, self-tint with zero electricity
Feb 27 '15 Liquid-infused polymers prevent biofilm on medical devices, anti-biofilm polymers prevent food contamination
Feb 27 '15 Driven by construction industry, global PP non-woven fabric market to grow at almost 7% uptil 2019
Jan 31 '15 New polymer coating could reduce risk of hospital diseases, bioresorbable polymer promotes tissue regeneration
Jan 31 '15 Metal substitution drives robust growth of global engineering plastics market
Jan 31 '15 Waste management, water management, mining drives opportunities in the Global Geomembranes market
Jan 31 '15 Improved conductive coating for medical devices, environment friendly plastic as strong as Kevlar
Jan 31 '15 China to drive growth of engineering plastics in Asia Pacific region
Dec 29 '14 Will plunging oil lead to overall boost in global economy by delivering windfall to consumers, manufacturers
Dec 12 '14 Global aerospace plastics composites market to see double digit growth until end of decade
Dec 12 '14 Asia and Rest of World to be the fastest growing regions for Protective Packaging industry
Dec 12 '14 Driven by Asia, global capacity for bioplastics production to grow more than 400% by 2018
Dec 12 '14 Global demand for polyethylene to rise 4% pa to almost 100 mln tons in 2018
Dec 12 '14 Medical tech to benefit from inexpensive resorbable polymer, inherently antioxidant biodegradable biomaterial
Nov 27 '14 Driven by polymers, global biomaterials market for implantable devices to see robust growth till decade-end
Nov 27 '14 Growing application of engineering plastics in medical implants
Nov 27 '14 Trends affecting growth of polymer usage in medical device markets
Nov 27 '14 Developments in polymer materials aid instant cessation of bleeding, wound healing
Nov 27 '14 Electro-Mechanical Polymers to aid cardio patients, visually impaired, wearable devices
Nov 14 '14 China and USA to propel global photovoltaic solar installations growth by 20% yoy in 2014
Nov 14 '14 Global market for WPCs, cellulosic plastics, plastic lumber, natural fiber composites to see double digit grow ...
Nov 14 '14 Photoluminescent PLA useful in bioimaging, diagnosis, sensing
Nov 14 '14 Building-integrated white solar photovoltaic modules, see-through solar window coatings
Nov 14 '14 Brand protection with anti-counterfeting resins, percept technologies with TPEs
Oct 31 '14 Shale gas developments in USA to impact growth in polyethylene film usage and global trade
Oct 30 '14 Chemical makers in Japan develop new olefin production processes amid steady stream of serious issues
Oct 30 '14 Increasing recognition of eco-friendliness to drive global synthetic paper market to US$342.8 mln by 2020
Oct 30 '14 Light weighting to drive global automotive plastics market beyond US$41 bln by 2020
Oct 30 '14 Extremely stretchable hydrogel could find use in artificial muscles, hydrogel that is stiff and tough
Oct 27 '14 Novel method for making electrical cellulose fibers, heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices
Oct 13 '14 Analysis of entire propylene value chain in China and USA
Oct 13 '14 Developments in biobased polyols for polyurethane applications enhance product performance
Oct 13 '14 Oxygenation prevention, degradation to aid high barrier packaging film global growth for next 5 years
Oct 13 '14 With robust demand growth across markets, biobased and biodegradable plastics to rise 19 percent pa to 2017
Oct 13 '14 Growth of flexible packaging, solar industry to drive global demand for specialty and high performance films
Sep 29 '14 Consistent developments in large area electronics spur rapid growth of global flexible electronics
Sep 29 '14 50 percent increase in global propylene production by 2030 leads to shift in historical supply relationships
Sep 29 '14 New development to simplify the process of sortingplasticsinrecyclingplants
Sep 29 '14 New cost-effective system solutions to drive growth of flexible electronic devices
Sep 29 '14 Polymer scaffold stimulates bone growth, biodegradable sponge supports new bone cell growth
Sep 12 '14 Building and construction, automotive drive world market for CFRP composites past US$26 bln
Sep 12 '14 US shale gas changing dynamics in petrochemical industry of Asia, Latin America, Middle East
Sep 12 '14 Strides in microrobotics, face reconstruction, minimally invasive surgery with shape shifting plastics
Sep 12 '14 Global continuous fiber thermoplastics estimatedto grow at over 8% until end of decade
Sep 12 '14 Asia Pacific dominates global engineering plastics market estimated to cross US$79000 mln by 2018
Sep 12 '14 Global catalyst market expected to cross 7,803 KT by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 3.2%
Sep 01 '14 Demand from N America, Europe, APAC, to drive SAP market past US$8 bln by end of decade
Sep 01 '14 Global green and sustainable packaging market to grow at over 7 percent by 2018
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