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Dec 31 '16 Will tax reforms prop up the plastics industry along with Indian economy rendered sluggish post-demonetization
Dec 31 '16 Will tax reforms prop up the plastics industry along with Indian economy
Dec 31 '16 Emergence of eco-friendly vehicles to drive global automotive lightweight materials market
Dec 31 '16 Positive outlook towards durable materials in construction to drive global waterproofing membranes market
Dec 31 '16 Miniturization of electrical components and auto industry to drive global liquid crystal polymer market
Dec 05 '16 Driven by Polypropylene, global construction composites market to grow to US$6.65 bln by 2021
Dec 05 '16 Beverage packaging market shifting to plastics, to be driven by novel packaging solutions
Oct 25 '16 Low cost offshore wind turbine R&&D with 3D printing, polymer fibers to create energy-producing textiles
Oct 25 '16 Investment promotion programs in India, focus on growth sectors in China drive global demand for polymer fille ...
Oct 24 '16 Polymers help reverse effects of acute kidney injury, facilitate wound healing and spinal surgeries
Oct 24 '16 Packaging sector - the highest consumer of polymer nanocomposites drives global demand
Oct 24 '16 Copper laminate PET films improve quality of large touch panels, polymer exponentially expands gadget memory
Sep 30 '16 Developments in bioplastics featured at K 2016
Sep 30 '16 Raw materials to achieve better balance between economic and ecological performance at K 2016
Sep 30 '16 Industry 4.0 - current trend of automation and data exchange in injection molding technologies at K
Sep 30 '16 Developments in masterbatches, additives at K 2016 to aid sustainability, safety and conductivity
Sep 30 '16 Auxiliary equipment at K 2016 to improve productivity, lower overall system and operating costs, save energy.
Aug 29 '16 Edible polymer film for meat packaging, deliciously edible food and beverage packaging
Aug 29 '16 Shelf life of pasta, cheese and milk increases with innovative plastic packaging
Aug 29 '16 Developments in polymer composites to create opportunities for global medical composite market
Aug 29 '16 Bioplastics made from egg whites show antibacterial properties when blended with traditional plasticizer
Aug 29 '16 Smart antimicrobials market dominated by silver-based materials, to see robust growth until decade end
Jul 29 '16 New anti-bacterial packaging doubles shelf-life of perishable food, packaging with Zinc reduces bacteria by 97 ...
Jul 29 '16 Increasing demand from food && beverage industry to drive global antimicrobial packaging market
Jul 29 '16 Driven by robust demand from Asia-Pacific, global antimicrobial plastics market to grow well until 2020
Jul 29 '16 Antibacterial geopolymer for construction industry, antibacterial polymer for sportswear, diapers and bandages
Jul 29 '16 3D-printed antimicrobial teeth, blood vessels, heart valve made with co-polymer hydrogels
Jun 29 '16 Market forwearable electronics, largely dominated by North America, poised to register CAGR of over 25%
Jun 29 '16 Polymers aid transparent, highly conductive ultrathin film; fast and stretchy circuits for wearable electronic ...
Jun 29 '16 Global smart textile market to witness CAGR of over 30% uptil 2023 amid growing applications of nanotechnology
Jun 29 '16 Functional textiles enabling technology for communications and sensing for medical applications
Jun 29 '16 Asia Pacific to drive flexible electronics market estimated to cross US$87000 mln by 2024
May 30 '16 Global marine composites market poised to surge to US$2 bln by 2021
May 30 '16 Demand from the global geomembrane market estimated to surpass US$2 bln by 2022
May 30 '16 US imports to meet Latin America's growing PE demand, Europe to continue high PE imports from MiddleEast
May 30 '16 Rise in demand for roadway and railway infrastructure to prop global geosynthetics market through 2020
May 30 '16 Demand from end-user industry, rising urban population to drive global rigid plastic packaging demand till 202 ...
Apr 28 '16 North America, Europe drive additive manufacturing formulations market in 3D Printing
Apr 28 '16 Double digit growth in 3D printing offers methodologies to make manufacturing of complex designs a reality
Apr 28 '16 Fiber-reinforced polymers find increasing application in bridges
Apr 28 '16 Healthcare to grow fastest, packaging to remain dominant in global injection molded plastics market
Apr 28 '16 Molded plastics market in GCC to be driven by rising demand from packaging and construction
Mar 30 '16 Growth of packaging and automotive in Asia Pacific to drive global polypropylene demand
Mar 30 '16 Demand for injection molded parts from auto, packaging, construction, electronics to drive global bio PP
Mar 30 '16 Biodegradable polymer grafts could grow to fix spine, biocompatible polymer 3D-printed into lifesaving implant ...
Mar 30 '16 Bacteria that degrades PET, gut bacteria being converted into bioplastics
Mar 30 '16 Acrylonitrile butadiene lignin (ABL) - a moldable, ductile material tougher than ABS
Feb 29 '16 Global thermoplastic pipes demand to register CAGR of over 6% until end of decade
Feb 29 '16 Europe continues to be largest masterbatch market, to drive global growth at CAGR of 7% until 2020
Feb 29 '16 Thin Wall Packaging is a market with clear definition in Europe, unclear definition in North America
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