Required - TTE - 2943 - Color Matching Booth


Reference Number

TTE - 2943


Color Matching Booth



Product Details

Important of lighting for color matching need not be emphasized. It is a well known fact that due to phenomenon of metamerism color appears to match in one light source but mismatch in other light source.

This can be experienced on the shop floor when colorist matches color in a fluorescent light, which appears to be total mismatch to the colorist when viewed in daylight and vice-versa.

We offer compact color matching booth, which is equipped with standard light sources.

Most important benefit of evaluating colors with it is the consistency of illumination, whether it is day or night or whether you are examining the color in your factory, office or at customer end, you are assured of the same uniform and standard illumination.

It will be a very important for your modern laboratory on your shop floor.

- Visual inspection under constant lighting condition.
- Reliable during night, day or cloudy lighting condition.
- Immediate visual check for metamerism.
- Immediate visual check for fluorescent dyes, pigments and optical brighteners.