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TTE - 3102


MultiPerm Tester


Federal India Trading Company (FITCO), India

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Oxygen permeability, water vapour permeability & carbon dioxide permeability testers:
ExtraSolution produces instruments for measuring barriers to gases through films, bags, little containers used in food or pharmaceutical packaging and other objects such as bottles, caps and taps used in beverage industries. ExtraSolution's perm line includes instruments for testing oxygen permeability (O2TR), water vapour (WVTR) permeability and carbon dioxide permeability (CO2TR). ExtraSolution develops its instruments in cooperation with some leader sector companies, with constant and careful attention in matching the needs of the industrial R&D and the quality control labs. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the reliability and the excellent quality price ratio of the instruments, ExtraSolution reached immediately a remarked position in the European panorama of permeability measurements.

ExtraSolution has been a finalist of the Italian National Innovation Award 2004.

MultiPerm is the first, and by the moment, the only instrument present on the market that allows simultaneous measurements of the barrier of two different gases on two different samples. With MultiPerm the instruments for permeability testing make a step forward. After the launching of the first instrument for O2TR and WVTR simultaneous measurements, now ExtraSolution, thanks to its researchers innovation capability, offers to the customers the possibility of choosing the couple of sensors that will be mounted in the instrument.

In fact, MultiPerm is offered with two sensors chosen among oxygen, water vapour or carbon dioxide and in different versions: single cell or double cell. MultiPerm, besides performing measures of permeability through thin films, can be equipped with modular accessories to carry out measurements on packaging containers of various types.

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