Required - TTE - 2942 - Spectrophotometer


Reference Number

TTE - 2942





Product Details

We offer state of the art dual beam spectrophotometer for color measurement. It is extremely rugged in construction and very accurate in performance.

It is the result of our own in-depth study and sophisticated design after being in the field for long time, we have incorporated best features which can be seen on international class of spectros. It incorporates a highly advanced holographic diffraction grating for dispersing reflected light, coupled with a highly sensitive and accurate discrete sensing photodiode array detector.

The integrating sphere confirms to CIE / ASTM specifications for size, which is 152 mm diameter. The source is a very stable long life xenon flash lamp which is carefully filtered to D65.

- Reflectance and transmission.
- Xenon flash lamp.
- Dual beam.
- 360 mm to 740 mm.
- 10 mm interval.
- Specular include / exclude.
- UV cut off filter.
- Selective visible cut off filters for fluorescence.
- LAV / MAV / SAV / VSAV measurement area.
- 152 mm diameter integrating sphere.
- White tile calibration.
- D/8 or D/0 viewing geometry.