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TTE - 3013


Torque Rheometer


Saumya Technocrates, India

Product Details

The torque rheometer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for research and development, production control and quality control work on polymeric materials.

The torque rheometer is the universal rheometer for testing the quality and processibility of thermoplastics, thermoset, elastomers, pigments and many other plastic and substances.

The measuring mixer with different rotors is applied for all most all thermo plastics. The Torque rheometer (Torque, melted temperature v/s time) provides information about the fusion behavior heat and shear stability and many more.

The development of new products.
Material testing of recipe development.
Optimization at production process.

Torque rheometer measuring mixers stand out for:
- Windows based software package.
- Electric heating.
- Precise and constant temperature control up to 500 Degree C. Easy handling and cleaning.

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