For Sale - UM - 20127 - Compounding Facility Machines And Plant


Reference Number

UM - 20127


Compounding Facility Machines And Plant



Product Details

1) Two Extruders :

I) 70 mm Screw Diameter with 90 Kw Motor twin screw extruder with a output ranging from 380 to 475 Kg/hr. Complete PLC system
a) High Speed Mixer b) Dehumidifier Dryer
c) Gravimetric Feeding System ( Currently working on Volumetric Mode)

II) 32 mm Screw Diameter with 25 Kw Motor twin screw extruder with a output ranging from 30 to 40 Kg/hr Primarily used for Development of Color and Small batch production
a) High Speed Mixer

iii) Injection Molding machine 75 ton capacity with ISO and ASTM mould for testing.

IV) Complete Lab set up with Colour matching capabilities.
Land Area around 35 Cents ( One Cent is equivalent to 436 sq ft)
A new and Beautiful Shed with Concrete pillars and beams up to 35 ft height with Gal valume sheets to withstand winds above 250 to 300 km/hr speed.
Space for expansion inside and outside the facility available.

Plant is in Running Condition with Toll Compounding done for Two MNC's.
Plant is consistently growing in Capacity Utilization after the Covid and is steadiliy doing 150 to 180 tons/month Toll Compounding. Another company is in discussion with utilizing over 100 tons/month capacity from April May onwards.

Currently 300 HP power supply is available and applied for raising it to 400 HP ( as MSME has been given a power supply limit of 200 HP recently which was 150 HP earlier)
Recently the Facility has been recommended for ISO 9K/14 K & 450001 from Royalcert Germany.

Plant is modified in 2019 2020

The Plant with its existing capacity will start doing a toll compounding to the tune of 6 to 8 crores in a year and if the US tie up is successful it will be doing a toll compounding to the tune of 10 to 12 crores a year.
There is a workers residential facility in the plant itself.
Currently the plant has a manpower of around 8 Engineers and QA/QC staff with 12 workers.