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PR - 3183


UN - United Nation FIBC Bags



Product Details

UN bags are special type of FIBCs are designed to comply with the United nations Recommendations on the Transport of dangerous Goods, known as the “Orange Book”. These FIBCs are used for transportation of dangerous Goods like chemicals fertilizers and compounds. The UN bags are designed and tested in accordance with the recommendations laid down in the “United Nations Recommendation on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

“Orange Book” had classified IBC into 6 categories, which included 4 types of FIBC as follow:-
1. 13H1 – PP woven FIBCs, without coating.
2. 13H2 – PP woven FIBCs, coated.
3. 13H3 – PP woven FIBCs, with liner, without coating
4. 13H4 – PP woven FIBCs, with liner and coating