A Wide Range of Machines for Plastics Injection Moulding
from electronica to Match Your Requirements
Optima - From 45 to 175 T
eProfit - From 50 to 330 T
Endura Series - From 60 to 260 T
     Optimum performance with optimum
     Assurance of higher profits with
     ECC - 7063 control
     A workhorse- Not tired of processing
      any enginerring plastic
      Energy efficient
      Box Type Square Platen
      Self Lubricated Bush
        Control System
                            Elektra Power Saver

Upgradation for IMM
     Machines with proportional hydraulics
     Precision control of parameters
     Man, Machine, Mould Safety
     Save power and reduce operation       cost
     Energy saving upto 60%*
     Life of hydraulic oil almost doubled
     Fit and forget system
     Control on MD
      (maximum demand of power)