Fruitful Interactions on
Plastic Extrusion Technology
Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd (KET), a Kolsite Group company hosted a fruitful and interesting Interactive Evening at Mumbai on November 21, 2006, between the CEOs of the globally renowned SMS Group (Plastic Technology Business) and the luminaries of the Indian Plastics Industry. The honoured guests, who presided over the session were Mr. Wolfgang Studener of Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, Germany, Mr. Kurt Waldhauer of American Maplan Corporation, USA, Mr. Peter Franz of SMS Kempen, Germany and Mr. Samuel Ning of Battenfeld Extrusion Systems, China.
presented the manufacturing units of American Maplan in USA, BEX and SMS Kempen in Germany, Battenfeld Extrusion Systems in China and KET in India as the five critical production sites of the SMS Group world wide, to cater to a lions share of the global plastic extrusion machinery business. He gave a clear picture about the total market size of extruded products, the strong growth segments, the market potential and growth rate in 2006.
While welcoming the CEOs and the august gathering of luminaries, Mr. S.V. Kabra, Chairman & M.D reiterated KET’s sincere commitment to the Indian Plastics Industry. He spoke about KET’s technical collaboration with Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik (BEX) as a benchmark of successful and long term Indo - German co-operation. He touched upon the Globalization phenomenon and the opportunities opened up for the industry due to this. In this context, he glowingly referred to the innovative technology advantages KET is now able to offer to the processing industry, due to Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik and American Maplan joining KET as Joint Venture Partners
Technology Benefits
Mr. Kurt Waldhauer then made an insightful presentation on the total extrusion solutions offered by them, alongwith the technology benefits especially in areas like PVC pipe tooling and superior extruded plastic piping products. He explained how these tooling offerings minimize material usage and facilitates precise process control, leading to cost savings and good product quality. He also presented details of their sophisticated co-extrusion lines and tooling for Fence Systems and the composite extrusion process for natural fiber (wood)composites.
Global Trends in Plastics Extrusion   Valuable Business Interactions
Mr. Wolfgang Studener made an educative presentation on major global trends in plastic extrusion. He pointed out that large pipes are the growth market of the future, especially thermoplastic large pipes with its manifold advantages. He showcased the product advantages of plastic - metal composite pipes like aluminum composites and the specialized manufacturing technology involved. He presented the burgeoning business of drip irrigation pipes as critical, due to water conservation needs.He indicated extrusion lines for non - pre - dried PET processing, film and sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, corrugated and spiral wound pipes, PVC and PO pipes as high growth areas, due to the great number of applications. He presented the finer points of new extruder technologies and also gave a composite view of SMS Group activities. He
The presentations were interspersed with valuable interactions on various issues related to advancements in manufacturing, technology and machinery related to plastic extrusion. Over sixty luminaries from among leading plastic processors attended, providing a wealth of experiences, technological insights and a plethora of industry related issues. In fact nearly 53% of India’s total PVC pipes resin consumers were represented in the session.

The interactive session concluded with the unanimous opinion that India’s potential in the plastic extrusion business is extremely positive and that the technologies and possibilities discussed will have a major role in meeting these requirements.

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