Magplastic supplies 3 machine ranges with the capabilities to blow PET containers in format from 40ml to 26.5L and output from 2800 bp/h to 12000 bp/h

Automatic Linear Stretch Blow Moulders

Magplastic blow moulding technology
Whatever kind of PET Bottles
Magplastic has the right machine…

The simplicity of the linear machines &
the production consistency of the rotary
blow moulders

Designed in Europe and built in India, the LBM-05, a 5 cavity machine has the capability of blowing quality in format from 0,2 L to 2.0L at an output up to 6’000 bp/h

Key technical features:

-  high performance multiphase heating
 latest Siemens operating system
-  quick mold change system
-  electric stretching system

All of them resulting in significant power savings and low operating and maintenance costs. Thanks to the advanced heating system, you’ll be able to blow ultra light bottles.

LBM - 05, 5 Cavity Stretch Blow Moulding Machines Magplastic