Mpi Straps
        A Kolsite Group Company

Pipe Bundling & Packing

Looking for cost effective & reliable packing solution
with seal less strap joints with pneumatic tools?
Seal less, Faster & User Friendly strapping procedure
With battery operated Strapping tools,
   Strapping can be done at any location

Eco- friendly recyclable Polyester strap
Rust Free strapping pipe Bundles
Durable & Cost effective bundling of pipe
Tamper Proof bundling with appealing aesthetics
Ensures Safe arrival condition of pipe Bundle at any
Color Pipe Bundle, Tool, Strap
About Kolsite Group
With over 40 years of experience, the Group enjoys leadership positions in India in the manufacture and export of Plastic Straps,  Plastics  Extrusion Machinery and  Masterbatches. Consistent commitment to develop and deliver premium quality products as  made the Kolsite Brand synonymous with quality and reliability. Total Quality Management (TQM) has been adopted by all Group companies.
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