Aim for the best
First of its kind Event in Oman planned on aggressive development of Plastics & Petrochemical Industry
Will showcase the Latest Technology & Machineries used in Manufacturing of plastics & Petrochemicals
Will be an ideal opportunity for Oman and neighbouring states (especially UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia & Yemen)
to source new technology and products
Noteworthy gains
An annual growth rate of 30% has been projected for the plastics industry in the region
Middle East and African markets are expected to deliver noteworthy gains right upto 2014
Resin capacities in the Gulf region are expected to double in the coming years:
PE capacities to rise from 10.7mln tons in 2009 to 21.5 mln tons by 2015
PP capacities to rise from 4.8 mln tons in 2009 to 9.5 mln tons by 2015
Global Publicity Campaign
Under the professional experience of the organisers, maximum publicity will be ensured in order to attract maximum number of traders and businessmen to the exhibition
To sharpen the focus and widen the scope of the event, all possible efforts will be made to publicise the event through various channels of the media viz. Press Conferences, Press Releases, Newspaper Advertisements, Hand Bills, Triads (All these in English as well as in Arabic languages), Electronic Bill Boards, Direct Mailing, E-mails and Faxes to Chamber of Commerce and Trade Promotion Organisations, Associations, Industrialists, Traders, Businessmen and Experts in various fields apart from distinguished personalities and diplomats accredited to the Sultanate
Coverage by Oman Radio and Television
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