One Stop Solution for Automation in Plastics
Optimized Solution for any Bag Making M/c - BAGkon + DIGIStep
Controller for Bag Making M/c-BAGkon
DC Stepper Drive - DIGIStep
 Controller for Bag Making M/c-BAGkon
 Settable Length for Plain & Printed Bags
 Gehlot Interface for other Stepper / Servo Drives is     available
DC Stepper Drive - DIGIStep
Modes of Operation: CLK-DIRN, START-STOP, Analog Follower,
   Serial RS 485
Half / Full Step Control
Cut to Length / Feed / Low Speed Operation / Indexing Application
  Other Products Range
Plastic & Printing Industries

Controller for Pad Printing M/c-PADkon
Controller for Hopper Loader - HOPkon
Temperature Controllers
Profile Generator - PROkon
Single & Six Channel Temperature Controller - SCTC
Controller for Injection Molding M/c - INJkon
Controller for Blow Molding M/c - BLOkon
Controller for Pet Stretch Blow Molding M/c - PETkon
Controller for Injection Molding M/c - INJkon Ready Solutions for retrofiting of Windsor, Nigata, Battenfield, Kausy, LG & Ubey M/cs
Interlocks for Safe operation
Flexible Input & Output Combination
Mold Memory
Optional data for production analysis /       Rs 485 Serial Interface
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