The market will soon have stronger polyethylene (PE) pipes manufactured with new technology of sandwiching highly oriented PE sheet between 2 pipe layers. Will this new development increase the usage of PE pipes in transporting water at high pressure? Will it replace PVC pipe or bioriented PVC pipe? Will it also replace XLPE pipe? Read more about Stronger PE pipes with new technology of sandwiching highly oriented PE sheet between 2 pipe layers
Existing EC legislation on food packaging specifies that food contact materials should not trigger any chemical reactions which might change the food's taste, appearance, texture, smell or alter its chemical composition, even if the changes are beneficial. But this directive is due for modification. Read to find out how Oxygen scavengers and intelligent plastics food packaging could grow after the directive modification by the EC
Polyolefins are finding increased usage in medical applications because of their inertness and excellent chemical resistance. Various factors determine material selection - the grade, changes in colour, molecular weight, etc. Read how Gamma radiation resistance of polyolefins has gained significance as usage in medical applications increases.
Printing Machine- Rotogravure 6 to 8
  color 40 Inch width
Nippon Calendering Flexible Line (Japanese)
Furuuchi PVC calender Line (Japanese)
Low Noise Plastic Scrap Grinders
Plastic Scrap Grinder with Dust Separating System
Compression Moulding Machine(Direct Locking)
Laminating Machine
Extrusion Coating And Lamination Plant for Food/Non-Food Packaging
Horizontal Vertical Screw Type Fully Auto Insert Moulding Machine
Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Flame Retardant Grades More
Molds for PVC Foot, Flush, Non Return Valves
Plastic And Bakalite Industrial Mould
Plastic and Bakalite Industrial Mould  
T-dies Upto 12 Feet More
False Ceiling Light Fixtures
A/C Box
Three Layer Co-Extruder  
Stand Up, Zipper Pouch
PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeves & Labels More
Auger Base Form Fill Seal Machine
Rotogravure Cylinders
Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners
Polymer Feed Gear Pumps More
Experienced Injection Moulding Personnel More