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Metallocene LLDPE resins are recognized for their excellent dart impact and puncture resistance, superior organoleptics, brilliant clarity and outstanding hot tack and heat seal benefits. After hiccups in its initial decade, mLLDPE has picked up with newer developments and by overcoming technical hurdles faced as well as modernization of equipment by processors. The new activator technologies are making metallocene catalysts cheaper to use . Newer applications have been developed for mLLDPE; such as heavy-duty shipping bags, agricultural film, insulation, jacketing in wire and cables, geomembranes, synthetic grass. Read more in
Additives are integral components in plastics and contribute to the success of plastics not only in processability but also in property modification and performance. Although used at only 5-7% in terms of weight, or about 10% by cost, they provide immense benefits and have contributed to the success of plastics. Asia is the world's fastest growing region for plastic additives market with China's demand far ahead of other countries, contributing about 28% to the world's total demand. To know about the various types of polymer additives, their growth rates, etc, read
At the nascent stage, interest in bio-based plastics was mainly from manufacturers of one-time use applications. However, applications have grown to encompass many more high performance durable applications. New applications in the automotive and electronics sectors will drive their growth, although packaging will remain the dominant market. The global market for bioplastics is set to grow by 8-10% pa, increasing its value to US$10 bln by 2020. Bans and restrictions on a range of plastic additives have been introduced in recent years because of their danger to human health and the environment. These will have an impact on the market. Read more in
Antimicrobial properties of silver are used in a range of applications though the impacts on health of silver nanoparticles are not entirely known. A research team has manufactured new polymer-stabilised silver nanoparticles, such that exposure to silver can be reduced by chemically binding the nanoparticles to polymers. The result could impact application of silver nanoparticles in a spectrum of applications like antimicrobial textiles, containers, shower curtains, tabletops, floor coatings, paints and glues. Another research shows how blasting silver nitrate solution with an electron beam can generate nanoparticles that are more effective at killing all kinds of bacteria, including gram-negative species that are not harmed by conventional antibacterial agents. Read
Range of machine with higher speeds and output and new technologies, were introduced at K2010. Global demand for flexible packaging is predicted to grow fastest in the developing regions. Machinery manufacturers have contributed to this growth by designing cutting-edge, high-quality equipment that meets the needs of these emerging markets in terms of price, performance and function. Read in
Several new technologies that are increasingly cost effective were exhibited at K2010 for injection molding. Trends point out that hydraulic technology is here to stay, as machine makers to re-invigorate hydraulic machine design. Read more in
Despite several advantages of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging, a threat looms large - the impact of UV light on colours, nutritional values and tastes in PET packaging. The use of UV protection is likely to grow with increasing awareness among consumer packaged goods companies. UV protection for PET containers is essential to assuring extended shelf life and the protection of UV-sensitive formulations, such as beverages with unique tastes, nutritional benefits and colour. To learn more about how UV light impacts beverages in PET packaging, read
The rapid success of PET soft drink bottles has created controversy over the energy implications of bottle disposal. Post consumer plastics recycling technologies have evolved from traditional plastics processing. This sector, however, continues to face several challenges. To know the various types of PET recycling methods, read
India is one of the world’s largest edible oil economies, and world number five as producer of oilseeds, contributing 8-10% of world oilseed production. The government has passed a regulation taht makes its compulsory for edible oils to be sold in packed form, with effect from December 15, 1998. HDPE Blow Moulded Kettle for edible oil for rural population has a market potential 368,000 tons assuming 15 litre capacities of 700 gms. However, the market penetration of edible oils faces many limitations. Read in
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Weakening crude oil prices have pulled down naphtha prices in Asia in the week of November 22, 2010. The hike in naphtha prices also paused on news that Formosa Petrochemical could delay delivery...
As supplies from the Middle East have shrunk, ethylene prices have increased to US$985/MT in Asia in the week of November 22, 2010. Buyers who had been waiting in the sidelines in anticipation...
Subdued demand has pulled down propylene prices to US$1205/MT in Asia in the week of November 22, 2010. Demand has weakened, as apart from the reserve requirement change in China, crude oil prices...
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