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Landfills are a highly engineered environment, designed to safely contain decomposing waste and methane. Energy and waste-disposal companies recognize that landfills are not just burial sites for garbage, but reactors where gases produced by decomposing waste can be used for energy production. A solar energy cover creates a new source of renewable energy, helping communities pave the road to energy independence with creative land re-use and potential for widespread application on many other types of brown fields. Read more in
Chemical capital spending in Western Europe, North America and Japan dipped post 2008 depression, as many chemical projects were either postponed or canceled. Capital spending by the chemical industry is now on the rebound. Projects are in progress in Asia and the Middle East, as well as in USA, where shale-gas exploitation has changed the economics of production. However, given the current global political and economic uncertainty, risks are intensifying and projects are proceeding with greater deliberation. Read more in
Though masterbatches for adding colour to flexible PVC have been available for many years, they have never worked reliably in rigid PVC (PVCu). PVC has never been the easiest of materials to work with - a formulation that runs well on one machine may present processing difficulties on another, even identical, manufacturing plant. New patented masterbatch technology focusing on processing aids and lubricant packages has lead to the development of products for rigid PVC grades without any of the inherent compatibility and homogenisation problems. Read in
Micro-molding relates to a part that is measured in microns and is no bigger than 0.5 cubic inches. Or, it can be a very small feature on a normal sized part. Micro-molding has something to do with size-parts that weigh less than a gram. Also, micro-molding must be capable of producing thousands, millions, even billions of parts with the same precision. To know about the various innovative technologies, end use parts that are micro molded, materials used, etc, read
Wind is on the cusp of becoming a major source of electricity around the world. Over the past decade, growing concerns about global climate change has led to an increase in installation of wind turbines, pushing wind to become a noticeable contributor to the world’s energy mix. In 2010, China climbed to number one position in the world, surpassing USA in the total amount of installed wind capacity. However, when one accounts for country sizes, their growth is not impressive when compared with European countries. Read more in
When nanotubes are manufactured, tubes that work for solar cells are mixed with tubes that work for batteries. The final product is a nanotube powder. A technique to selectively sort semiconducting single-walled CNTs from the mixture has been discovered. The semiconducting nanotubes could be used in flexible transistors for other technologies, including circuits printed on plastic, bendable display screens and stretchable electronics. The nanotubes could also close gaps in solar cell technology. Read more in
HDPE pipes can be used for various applications beyond mere water management applications. Future of plastic pipes is bright with abundant innovative enduse applications in making. They help preventing injuries the workers while climbing. Inbuilt slots or depressions on HDPE pipes help labourers place their feet and get a grip while climbing to a height during the construction of a buildings. Read more in
A proprietary pyrolysis process that converts mixed and contaminated plastic and rubber waste into transportation fuels and chemical intermediates has been developed. The technology offers an alternative end-of-life solution for all types hard-to-recycle mixed and contaminated polymer and rubber waste with emphasis on plastic types 3-7, tyres and carpet. Read more in
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