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Global solar energy market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% uptil 2016. Factors impacting this growth include increasing environmental concerns such as green house gas emission, growing energy consumption especially from emerging countries, increasing investment in renewable energies, and low operating and maintenance cost of solar power plants. CSP is becoming more of a market force in the near future and growing to become a viable alternative to traditional photovoltaics. Read more in
An all-electric injection molding machine offers several important benefits, mostly related to the fact that individual motors control each function. The motors increase the control and amount of coordination among all of the machine's functions, increasing repeatability and reducing cycle times. Other advantages of an all-electric injection molding machine include lower power consumption, lower usage of chilled water, lower scrap, increased up time, reduced preventive maintenance, lower environmental impac, better part quality. All-electric injection molding machines are quickly gaining ground for high-performance and fast running applications in the packaging industry. To know some of the developments
The possibilities for new product development using medical polymers are endless and start with essentials like lenses, catheters, stents and joint replacements. The past few years have seen robust growth of innovative application of polymers in medical devices, driven mainly by design and technology developments, enabling their use in ever more complex medical devices and replacing conventional materials. The use of polymers in this sector is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade and spur material innovations
Currently China accounts for 20% of global manufacturing. But the era of cheap China could be ending, mainly due to increasing land prices, environmental and safety regulations and taxes and labour costs. With increasing labor costs and an ageing workforce, China is losing its foothold as the world’s lowest cost manufacturer of consumer goods. Several countries in South and Southeast Asia such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and Pakistan are set to benefit from this recent shift. Chinese companies are also relocating to low labour cost regions. However, the shift out of China cannot be 100% in the near future, due to the efficiency, skill and productivity of the Chinese work force. Interestingly, FDI in China is ticking and contrary to expectations, growing, rather than falling. Read more in
Cumulative spending on green building materials are expected to reach nearly US$120 bln by 2030. The drive to reduce energy consumption is one of the highest priorities in building and construction today. This is leading to material developments that are advancing customer’s sustainable energy generation through more efficient solar power. The new materials deliver exceptional design freedom, including the ability to create dramatic curved shapes, and provide light weight, excellent thermal insulation, extreme durability and improved safety. Read more in
Findings of a new research has given the quest for environmentally friendly plastics an entirely new dimension by making them tougher than before. A super-strength polypropylene that has the potential to replace steel and other materials in many industries is under development. Cheaper and more efficient to produce in terms of energy consumption, as well as non-toxic, the new PP is good news for green manufacturing and could revolutionize the industry. Read more in
As of 2011, India has a large and diverse agriculture sector, accounting an average for about 16% of GDP and 10% of export earnings. Globally, India ranks No.2 and No.3 in fruit and vegetable production. Any innovation that is low cost and leads to increasing yield, can therefore have great impact on this sector. Plastics in agriculture increase the productivity (yield), bringing about a higher net profitability for farmers. A new product innovation which would function similar to that of polyethylene mulch film. Read in
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