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World plastic consumption plummeted to hurting levels during the recession years 2008 through 2010 as a result of unprecedented weakness in most key end-use application markets. Economic revival, rise in spending power, rapid industrialization and strong demand from end-use markets of packaging, construction, food & beverage augur well for the molded plastics market. To know about the rapidly emerging regions, the new centers in the global market, trends and applications for various resins, major players, etc, read
Global automotive industry will see robust growth in the next 3-4 years. The high growth rate is attributable to increasing passenger car production, replacement of metal parts by plastics as initiatives by automobile manufacturers towards light-weighting, etc. To know more about the global consumption pattern, trend of the various plastics used, metal part substitution, main drivers of automotive plastics utilization, advantages, growth regions, etc, read
The growth of closures has been driven by several factors including ever-increasing requirement for functional packaging- easy to use and dispense from, a shift in emphasis from glass to plastic bottles in soft drinks, dispensing closures in home and personal care, safety regulations, cost reduction and lightweighting, etc. To know about the global market trends and developments in the beverage closures, recent new product development and innovations, growth drivers, growth regions, etc read
In the long term, the industry will have to find substitutes for fossil fuels as supplies diminish and costs rise. To know views of experts from agriculture, chemical engineering, biotechnology, the polymer industry, brand owners and retailers, the automotive sector, etc about a sustainable resource for synthesis of conventional plastics, read
China has forecast its economy will grow 7.5% in 2012, the slowest in eight years and plastic consumption is estimated to grow by up to 7% after stalling in 2011. However, this rebound will not be enough to melt a regional supply glut. The rebound has been tepid on account of reduced exports to Europe and USA as well as Beijing's steps to cool economic growth. This has pushed the converters into mulling scaling back production further this year. This will impact demand for feedstock and pressure the petrochemical market. Read more in
The BOPP film industry continued to show robust growth during 2011 with demand advancing by 5.5% compared with 2010 to top 6 mln tons for the first time. Demand growth was slightly down on 2010 which had been the bounce back year from the financial crisis for most markets around the world. Read more in
Plastic product innovations would help increase the per capita consumption of plastics in agribusiness, building & construction, infrastructure and automotive sectors. This would also help manufacturers make products for new end uses without an investment on plant and machinery and also without much investment in marketing of the products with new end use innovations. Plastics manholes would involve extremely safe covers preventing accidents. Read more in
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