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Compression Injection Moulding (CIM) is a technique which synergises the advantages of Injection Moulding and Compression Moulding to offer a solution for difficult and costly to mould components using conventional techniques. This article outlines the Compression Injection process and how it could be a workable solution to moulding problems. The process is not very well known in India, and perhaps this article can spark development work at Machinery Manufacturers and high end appliance moulders to induct Compression Injection Moulding. Read more in
The global auto market is heading for an all time high, with total 2011 demand predicted near 77 million. The real driver behind the record trend is China, along with other emerging markets such as India and Brazil. For the first time, emerging automotive markets accounted for over half of global light vehicle sales in 2010. With the increasing power of the Asian countries and de-emphasizing more established markets, global auto sales will hit an all-time record high, up from last years’ record 72 mln mark. While that momentum is expected to continue, the motor vehicle boom is occurring almost everywhere with clear signals of stability and increased consumer demand around the world. Read more in
The wind energy market is experiencing rapid growth worldwide and has doubled in size every 3 years for the past 30 years. It is expected to have generated 331 TWh in 2010 alone, amounting to 1.6% of global energy consumption. This expansion requires new manufacturing plant including facilities for large composite blades. The process of blade manufacture is very labour-intensive involving hand lay-up: automation is being developed and quality control from production stages to installation is key to wind farm success. Read more in
Plastics usually conduct electricity so poorly that they are used to insulate electric cables. A newly discovered technique makes it possible to create a spectrum of plastics with metallic or even superconducting properties. Read more in
The packaging market is getting crowded with several competitive products trying to get a bigger slice of the pie. Many packaging majors are increasingly using all 5 senses to provide a unique brand image to the product. Appealing to consumers’ five senses through innovative packaging techniques can result in increased brand loyalty and greater impact at point of sale. Current packaging integrates multisensory effects, which provide more differentiation on the shelves and target impulse purchases. Read more in
The WEEE Directive makes the producer of electronic and electrical goods responsible for shouldering the costs of recycling and recovering the equipment once they have reached "end-of-life". Private end-users will be able to return their waste electronic and electrical equipment to these producers without charge. WEEE Directive aims to minimise the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment. Other regions not belonging to EU have begun to adopt similar rules/directives. What began as purely European legislation is being expanded. Read more in
New developments offer grades of polycarbonate copolymer and blends that optimize a property or a set of properties. They intend to broaden the processing and performance window of the conventional PC grades. Read more in
PVC windows offer a host of benefits making them a popular choice. PVC-U windows and doors are tough, durable with a long life, low maintenance and come in a range of designs, colours and textures. They are long lasting and virtually maintenance free and therefore are the most cost-effective option. They are energy efficient, with simple recycling. To make the material suitable for use as a window, additives and stabilisers are used. Improved additives available nowadays help PVC window profile producers meet requirements for increasing performance and for reducing manufacturing costs. Read more in
PRICE TRENDS for the week
Naphtha prices rose to hover around US$890/MT in Asia in the week of February 21, 2011 boosted by strong crude prices. However, weighed down by weak demand, cracks remain depressed, nearing a five-month...
Ethylene prices have spiked past US$1230/MT in Asia in the week of February 21, 2011. Prices are firming up ahead of the approaching cracker maintenance season in the region.
Amid tight avails, and firming downstream sentiments, propylene prices have spiked to US$1370/MT in Asia in the week of February 21, 2011.
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