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Before the onset of the economic crisis, accelerated growth was seen in PVC demand, driven by construction activity in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asian countries, particularly China. In 2010, the consumption growth in developing economies will prove vital for global PVC producers on fears of extension of the current slowdown as governments in North America and Europe cut spending to restore extensive deficits in national accounts. Read further in
Thermally conductive plastics are made by compounding conductive fillers like graphite fibers, ceramics with polymers. The added fillers eliminate hot spots in components by spreading out the heat more evenly than unfilled plastics. To know about their various advantages, benefits, applications, etc, read
Concern over the safety of drinking water and decline in water quality has been attributed to phasing out of old pipes systems. Hygiene, cost effectiveness, and zero-corrosion of plastic pipes provide a clear advantage in water delivery systems. To know about the various commonly used plastic pipes for hot and cold water systems, regions in which each variety is more widely used, features and benefits of each, the larger pipe manufacturers, etc, read
Waterproof membranes are used in a wide range of civil and building applications. The primary material used in membranes worldwide is polymer-modified bitumen. Polyethylene accounts for around 50% share, followed by polypropylene, PVC, and EPDM and butyl rubber. High growth and low growth regions in Europe, required production equipments, environmental impact of membranes, etc, read
The recession impacted the construction industry in many Gulf sectors, but as projects get refinanced, building is resuming and demand is expected to rise again for plastic pipe. To know about the new pipe materials, additives in pipe compounding, developments by manufacturers of equipment, materials and additives, the countries where demand is on the rise, factors for the growth, etc, read
The global market for plastics additives is estimated to grow to US$45.8 bln in 2014 at a compounded annual growth rate of 4.1%. The market is broken down into property modifiers, property stabilizers, property extenders and processing aids. To know about the total plastics additives consumption, the fastest growing category, the growing end usersí applications, and continuing environmental and regulatory requirements, read
Thick film device has four major applications- energy device, electronic device, mechanical/chemical device, display device. The global market value of thick film devices estimated at US$26.7 bln in 2009, is expected to increase to nearly US$50 bln in 2014. To know about the growing applications, the growth in various end use sectors, etc, read
Electric cars are currently powered by heavy battery packs with limited storage capacity. Nickel metal hydride and lithium ion batteries are used in most electric vehicles, but could be replaced by new types of power sources. Read about a patented mix of carbon fibre and polymer resin that can charge and release electricity just like a regular battery, a new cell design using nano particles and a special separator membrane to dramatically extend the life of silver zinc or silver oxide batteries, as well as a method of impregnating paper with electrolyte, then layering the surface of the paper with carbon nanotubes. Read more in
Plastic products related to agriculture include LLDPE Mulch film, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, LLDPE Drip Irrigation Pipes, HDPE Nets, PE Greenhouse, etc and lead to higher yield. To read about the types of PE Greenhouses, their specific benefits, manufacturing process, distribution pattern of PE Greenhouses, etc, read
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Naphtha prices dipped to US$765/MT in Asia in the week of October 25, 2010. Mid week, after dipping below US$650/MT, Asian naphtha prices recovered, while cracks...
Ethylene prices have plunged to US$1070/MT in Asia in the week of October 25, 2010, as demand in Asia turned sluggish. Market outlook and sentiments have become pessimistic...
Propylene prices have dropped to US$1130/MT in Asia in the week of October 25, 2010 on lackluster demand amid healthy supplies form producers
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