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Europe's PE film extrusion industry took a downturn with the 2008 recession. Recovery started in 2010, and the industry continues to make steady progress in 2011. The global plastic film and sheets market is forecast to reach 50.7 mln tons by 2015. Demand is continuing to advance globally, although the more established countries are seeing a degree of maturity. An important influence on the market will be the increased competitive dynamics in the global marketplace, with capacity expanding rapidly in some geographic areas in a way which will influence market development and producer's abilities to evolve lasting market positions. Read more in
Purging compounds are necessary for plastic processors to maintain production equipment. Their use reduces machine downtime occuring when changing color or resin, and also improves the quality of molded parts by keeping machinery, molding mechanisms and plastic molds free of contamination particles. Several developments have been witnessed in purging compounds for high temperature engineering plastics. Other developments are suitable for use when manufacturing products that come into contact with food, and are FDA compliant for indirect food contact applications. Read more in
Researchers have developed polymers that fluoresce in the presence of bacteria. This will pave the way for the rapid detection and assessment of wound infection using ultra-violet light, as well as removal of the bacteria from infected wounds in tissue engineered human skin. This could be very useful in an anti-terrorist and public health capacity, detecting pathogen release or bacterial contamination. Read details in read
The bioplastics industry is in a period of growth with increasing global capacity, as many processors look to incorporate bio-based materials as part of sustainable initiatives. A market study predicted the size of the bio-based plastics market at 2.3 mln tons in 2013 including conventional polymers from renewable sources. To know about the bioplastic compounds and additives, bioplastics specifically for electronic products, film and sheet extrusion equipment for cellulose, starch, PLA and PHA, producers of bioplastics, etc, read
As with other petrochemical markets, the Chinese petrochemicals market stumbled as recession slowed down growth, but stimulus packages and strong demand from its large domestic market helped its revival. Increased demand from China that is largely import-dependent, will drive recovery in the global petrochemical industry to 2015. However, as global economies slow in this quarter of 2011, the Chinese petrochemicals output growth appears to be moderating as tightening lending conditions lead to a lower rate of domestic consumption growth. Interestingly, the other Asian giant- India, shows no sign of slowing down, although it could come up against capacity constraints over the medium-term. To know more read
A new concept vehicle with a special emphasis on energy efficiency, temperature management and lightweight design has been developed. The researchers and designers intentionally realised a mixture of visionary materials and technologies in the concept vehicle: some of these are still at a laboratory stage, while others have a realistic chance of entering series production. These indicate that electric mobility can make emission-free driving possible. At the same time, it also paves the way for new technologies in the automotive sector. Read more in
The structure of the PE film industry in Russia is fast changing. Detailed are factors that will drive the growing demand for more sophisticated plastics packaging as well as manufacturers of PE film in Russia. However, despite the efforts of key players, Russia is unable to move from quantitative growth to qualitative development. Despite the general mood of optimism in the industry, and recent growth in investment and consumption, several issues associated primarily with raw material supply and demand structure of the film, persist. Read more in
There were dramatic changes in the composites market in 2009. But composite materials are rapidly becoming a mainstream technology and material of choice within many industries. Know about the the major driving markets, leading demand driving countries and trends for the global composites industry with respect to various market segments such as construction, wind energy, aerospace, automotive, marine and other segments. Also, read about the main drivers for future growth in the worldwide composites market in the fast developing composites market of the BRIC nations in
Organic semiconductors are key materials that have a decisive role to play in making solar modules efficient. These materials must also meet very specific requirements, including processability and durability. A new semiconducting polymer that absorbs light in the solar gate modules to generate solar electricity, has been developed. Also, two new polymers and specific organic peroxide grades have been developed to address the major challenges in the solar industry. A nanostructured thermoplastic for the next-generation thin film solar panels has also been developed. Read more in
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