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Despite sharply restrained growth during the recession of 2008-09 in some applications of geosynthetics, the sector continue to see robust growth. Global demand for geosynthetics is expected to reach 6.9 bln sq. yards by 2015. To know about the factors expected to drive demand globally, benefits of using geosynthetics as a low cost polymer based synthetic material, major players in the market, dominant and emerging markets globally, growth of geosynthetics market in India, types of geosynthetics and major areas of application, etc, read
The volatility in crude oil prices, driving up prices of polyurethane feedstock MDI and TDI in recent times, have been a key factor hampering market growth of polyurethane. However, growth of end-use industries such as construction and electronics is expected to drive polyurethane demand in the next five years. Global market for PU is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2011 to 2016. To know the declines seen during 2008 and 2009, the applications that dominate the polyurethane market, the fastest growing application sectors, regions with robust growth, uses of PU foams, diversified use of polyurethane, etc, read
After suffering a downturn during the global economic recession of 2008-2009, most propylene derivative markets have recovered. Asian markets recovered first in 2009, followed by the rest of the world in 2010. Influenced by economic growth and changes in manufacturing trends and agricultural factors, all the derivatives performed strongly in 2010. The ongoing gradual economic recovery in Western economies has benefitted demand growth in 2011, which has however, been weakened by fluctuating demand in Asia. To know more about the trend in consumption of propylene and its derivatives, capacity augmentation, factors influencing growth, demand and supply, etc, read
The discovery, development and subsequent increase of shale gas production in USA has moved the country from being a gas importer towards self-sufficiency. This has also naturally led to a decrease in gas prices. A study forecast US shale production could quadruple by 2040 from 2010 levels. To know about new entrants in this sector, necessities and challenges thrown up by this sector, expansion projects in USA, environmental concerns that may lead the government to restrict shale-gas drilling, shift in balance of trade in USA, etc, read
Profitability of the petrochemical industry improved greatly in Q1-2011. However profitability in Asian markets fell sharply in Q2 as slow demand for imports to China lengthened markets across the region, amid concerns of the cost of acquiring feedstocks. Petrochemical producers in most regions managed to maintain steady profitability, despite renewed increase in the cost of acquiring feedstocks. To know about trends in markets of Asia, Middle East and Europe in Q2-2011, profitability of regional petrochemical industry, effects of European demand on Asian market, sectors impacted by the weak Asian markets and higher feedstock costs read
H1-August 2011 has been a volatile month for financial markets, on increasing fears of yet another global recession, amid downgrade of the US government’s credit rating and acceleration of debt problems in the Eurozone. Stock markets all across the globe have been shaken, crude oil prices tanked and impacted polymer prices and sentiments in global markets. To know about factors that lead S&P to downgrade US rating, effects of the downgrade on various economies, measures taken by developed and emerging economies to cope with volatility and tackle inflation resulting in a slowdown in growth, etc, read
A leading cause of pavement deterioration is water intrusion through the pavement. Paving fabrics have been long recognized as a way to help pavements last longer. A green paving fabric has been created- manufactured with polypropylene and blended with waste polyester from recycled plastic bottles. It provides an effective moisture barrier, reduces the need for repetitive maintenance and rehabilitation costs over time. To know more about the processing, benefits of this green paving fabric and its diversified usage, read
Instead of working with individual glass plates, the solar cells could be printed onto a plastic film and then encapsulated with the barrier film. Being considerably lighter and flexible, plastic films make new production processes possible to enable significant reductions in the cost of manufacturing a photovoltaic module. Recent research in materials science has revealed that it is possible to combine the semiconductors with elastomeric substrates to yield systems that can tolerate strains up to several tens of percent. Read more in
International Conference on New Developments in Thermoplastic Elastomers
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Tiprex - Thai International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition
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