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The flexible packaging market in Europe is valued at around Euros 20 bln, with increasing globalisation in this market as both food and packaging companies expand their geographical footprint. The focus for packaging is both on consumer appeal and product differentiation, and on improving sustainability in the supply chain. Developments have been seen in equipments, machines, processes, materials, additives, quality control, etc. To know about specialty films developed to provide appropriate barrier and protective properties and the latest innovations, read
China’s demand for basic petrochemicals and major plastics increased from about 42 mln tpa in 2000 to 124.7 mln tpa in 2010, expected to increase to 215.033 mln tpa in 2015. This growth provides opportunities for producers from other regions to utilize this demand by setting up joint ventures with Chinese companies. The Middle East has also become an important destination for petrochemicals production as governments in the region provide subsidies on feedstocks, making production significantly cheaper compared to other regions. This has made it difficult for producers in other regions to compete. To deal with this situation, companies from other regions are increasingly partnering with the Middle East companies. Read more
Recycling carbon fibre industry is in its infancy, with recycling processes that are expensive and complicated, involving formidable requirements. Addiionally, recycled carbon fibres are perceived to be secondary or “lesser than” quality than virgin grades. Environmental regulations may eventually lead to a ban of their landfill or incineration disposal. As demand and consumption of virgin carbon fibre crosses 100,000 tpa by 2018 amid 3000 tpa of CFRP scrap estimated to be generated in USA and Europe and an estimated 6000 to 8000 commercial planes estimated to reach end-of-life dismantlement by 2030, high volumes of high-grade carbon fibre components will have to be recycled. Read more in
Following a brief lull during the onset of worldwide recession, demand for plastic packaging rebounded due to the rising demand from the food and beverage and consumer retail products sector. Plastic materials are fast becoming the preferred choice of manufacturers for packaging new products. With the development of stronger and cost-effective materials with improved barrier protection, and aesthetic qualities, plastic is expected to further encroach into the territories dominated by metal, glass and paper packaging materials. Read about the sectors that have contributed to the growth of this industry, the high growth regions, the growing applications, growing share of bio degradable packaging, etc, read
Global demand for food containers is estimated to see robust growth. Several factors contribute to the increase in the demand for packaging: growth in global food production due to rapidly changing lifestyle, change in population structure, increase in the number of working women, etc. Plastic packaging is making in roads due to improvements in air barrier property, capability and structure in packing hot food in containers, lightweight leading to reduced transportation costs and damages. Read more in
Robust growth is estimated in the global plastic packaging industry, driven by growth in the BRIC nations. The packaging industry in Brazil, India, China and Russia is witnessing great strides. To know about each BRIC nations' market size, key trends, drivers, and challenges to 2016 as well as current development, market size, growing sectors, development trend of China plastic packaging industry; read
World demand for foodservice disposables is projected to grow 5.4% pa till 2015. Gains will be driven by gains in the foodservice industry, which will accelerate from the rates seen over the 2000-2010 period due to improvements in global economic conditions, increasingly fast-paced lifestyles and growth in away-from-home food spending. To know about the largest product type through the forecast period, the fastest demand growth packaging segment, growing applications, regions with robust growth, factors that fuel advances, growth opportunities in newer segments etc, read
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