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Recovery in European plastics market has been driven by a strong recovery in Germany and by a recovery of the automotive industry. While most sectors in Europe reported continuing growth in H1-2011, signs of a slowdown crept in by mid 2011. Recovery has in general been erratic and patchy and means that overall the European market still has some way to go to regain all the volumes lost from the 2007 peak when the market reached over 41 mln tons. Recovery has been challenged by issues around availability of raw materials and pricing volatility. Read more in
Driven by accelerating demand for product packaging and for the bundling and protection of goods during warehousing and distribution, competitive advantages over other packaging materials, resin and machinery improvement, and opportunities in areas such as stretch hoods and stretch labels and sleeves, demand for stretch and shrink film is forecast to rise. To know about the applications and end use markets, the materials used, advantages, demand growth etc, read
Bioplastics have evolved to play a vital role in a number of end use industries, such as packaging, agriculture, gastronomy, consumer electronics, medical and automotive, among others. They are reported to contribute to protecting the climate, provide a solution for the packaging-waste issue, reduce dependence on fossil-based raw materials and improve the image of plastic products. To know about the growth regions, growing applications, etc, read
Increase in number of Hospital acquired infections, concerns related to the spread of pandemics, as well as growing public awareness about benefits of biocide-based products is leading to surge in demand for antimicrobial products. Stringent government legislations and potential liabilities for service/product related infections are prompting use of biocidal plastics in healthcare environs. Growth is being fuelled by rising demand from healthcare, industrial and consumer end-use sectors. Read more in
Demand for flexible substrates is being driven by interest of adding flexibility in displays, solar panels, sensors as a way to expand markets in difficult times. To know about the important applications and end use markets, major challenges to be overcome, newer materials used for flexible substrates, areas where these systems are beginning to make economic sense, etc, read
Demand for fluoropolymers in USA will be driven by a turnaround in key sectors such as motor vehicles and wire and cable, and the increasing need for high-performance materials in demanding industrial applications. Rising demand in emerging, fast-growth markets such as advanced batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaic modules will also support gains. Read more in
A new catalyst that boosts the yield for five key building blocks of the chemical industry by 40% compared to previous methods has been developed. In this single-step catalytic fast pyrolysis process, either wood, agricultural wastes, fast growing energy crops or other non-food biomass is used as feedstock. This sustainable production process, which holds the promise of being competitive and compatible with the current petroleum refinery infrastructure, has been tested and proven in a laboratory reactor. Read more in
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