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Graphene is the strongest material available with superior performance properties such as high electron mobility, which allows the material to be used in next-generation ultra-speed nano-sized instruments. It could revolutionize everything from energy storage to computer chips. Researchers have developed an easy technique for manufacturing high volumes of graphene. As per another research, future computer chips made out of graphene could be faster than silicon chips and operate at lower power. Read in

Agrishade net prevents excess sunlight from entering the plants and help retain moisture levels in the soil for proper growth of these plants leading to an increase in productivity (yield) of the plants. A new end use innovation of these High Density Polyethylene agrishade nets is to lower consumption of airconditioning. To know more about the payback for endusers, manufacturing process, viable distribution pattern, achieving higher market penetration, etc, read

Industries from automotive to electronics and consumer goods are seeking light-weight component solutions to meet consumer demand for lighter, more portable products and as a means to comply with stricter government fuel standards and greenhouse emissions. Factors driving market growth include increasing acceptance of conductive polymers in automobile and diesel sectors, and growing demand for high-performance, lightweight, and low cost materials for electrical and electronics product components and devices. Read in
The rapid growth of the economy and population in recent years has led the Saudi Arabian government to divert greater quantities of ethane to power plants to use as fuel for generating electricity, leading to a reduction in the availability of the gas for petrochemical manufacturers. Though efforts are underway to boost natural gas production, a near-term ethane shortage is estimated in the kingdom. Read more in
Over the next four-five decades, the growing energy demands of the world’s population will have to be supplied using lesser fossil fuels. The sun is a key renewable energy source and needs to be harnessed on a larger scale. New developments in solar panel films, cheap and efficient polymer solar cells, etc are leading the way. This article examines new materials and innovative processes for high volume manufacture and future commercialisation. Read in
The introduction of game-changing aircraft models has led to a surge in the usage of polymers and composites in aerospace for the past 5-6 years. From being restricted mainly to aircraft interiors, these materials are finding increasing use in critical structural applications. To know more about the growing applications, the reasons contributing to this growth, the hurdles and challenges, etc, read
Electrical/electronic parts are required to fit increasing functionality into smaller spaces at reduced system costs. Hence, injection molders are demanding superior grades of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) glass filled compounds. High flow grades can help produce thinner walls leading to weight reduction and decreased cost. To know about the improved features and important advantages, read
The Indian composites industry continued its strong growth in 2010 and recorded nearly a 18.5% growth during January-December 2010. Growth has been spurred by strong demand in pipes & tanks, renewable energy (wind & solar energy), mass transit, automotives, trucks and power sector. To know more about sectors contributing to this growth, the growing sectors, the constraints and challenges faced by the industry, read
Interplas 2011 - International Forum for The British Plastics
Vietnam Plas - International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition
Tiprex - Thai International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition
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