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Increasing demand for fresh and quality packaged food, consumer convenience and manufacturers concern for longer shelf life of the food products is driving the market for Global active and smart packaging technology for food and beverages. Demands on package performance continue to increase as a result of market and social changes. Active packaging reduces the need for additional preservatives in perishable food stuffs. Thus shelf-life is extended and food stuffs maintain freshness longer. Research work in this area brings out newer methods and technologies for improving the active packaging. Read about some of the new developments in
Considerable research and development work is being conducted on photovoltaic systems across the globe. Plastic products are also being developed to replace traditional materials in the photovoltaic system. New developments in plastic have the potential to save overall cost of photovoltaic system. Some of the replacement parts are Aluminum framing system of solar panels on rooftop, Glass used on top of modules, Flexible device based on organic photovoltaic, Lens or reflector used in concentrated photovoltaic equipment. However, they are exposed to extreme heat and light. Read more in
Natural composite material combines the properties of several materials to offer performances which are not found in only one and the same material like lightness, stress rigidity, etc. Currently the natural fiber composite market has a very small market share of the plastic composite market- their application is limited to production of less than 1 mln tons of reinforced plastic. However, there is a renewed interest in natural fibers on account of ecological trends. Read more in
Wind energy, in the next 10 years, is set to emerge as one of the fastest growing segment within the energy industry. By the end of 2017, it is estimated that over 718,000 MW of wind power will be installed . Larger rotor blades are constantly increasing the power output of modern wind turbines. The stresses and strains to which rotor blades of wind turbines are exposed at 90 meters above the ground are truly immense. Read how newer materials help rotor blades of wind turbines cope with these strains in
The world faces a challenge to increase the intensity of agricultural activity while keeping the products affordable. Greenhouses that can be erected very inexpensively through the use of plastic film are one possible solution. With the aid of such greenhouses, the output per hectare can be increased considerably. New developments can help improve these greenhouses and make them even more effective. Read more in
Bio based plasticizers exhibit the same performance and feel as incumbent PVC plasticizers while meeting all regulatory requirements for flame resistance. Plasticizers in PVC compounds reduce greenhouse gas emissions if used instead of traditional PVC plasticizers. These bio-based Plasticizers offer specific benefits in terms of processing, electrical and temperature performance, etc. Read more in
Polymer industry in Europe faced challenging times in 2008 and 2009, when all polymer markets had negative growth. There was one exception - Wood plastic composite (WPC) which showed a modest growth in 2009 with demand pegged at about 100,000 tons. Read more in
Corrugated HDPE pipe is easy to recognize due to its highly distinctive 'ribbing'. It is used for many applications such as a 'body guard' to protect sensitive and /or dangerous cables, or as drainage pipes. A study funded by the Plastics Pipe Institute evaluated the successful use of corrugated, HDPE pipe for use under heavy rail car loads with shallow cover. Read details in
PRICE TRENDS for the week
Naphtha prices in Asia rose for a third consecutive session to end the week of March 7, 2011 at a 30 month high, while cracks hit a 1-1/2 month high...
Ethylene prices steadied at US$1340/MT in Asia in the week of March 7, 2011. Prices are likely to see a downturn in the near future despite bullish naphtha...
Propylene prices have soared past US$1510/MT in Asia the week of March 7, 2011. Due to persistent supply concerns stemming from unexpected propylene outages...
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