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As the world moves towards alternate energy sources, the real revolution in the energy world has been driven by conventional fossil fuels. Shale gas now dominates the global energy scenario. A study reveals the shale gas bonanza in USA has reversed the fortunes of the chemical, plastics, aluminium, iron and steel, rubber, coated metals and glass industries. Europe’s recoverable shale gas resources are around 75% of USA’s reserves. However, as USA marches ahead with shale gas development, Europe is headed in the opposite direction, enveloped in geopolitical debates surrounding shale gas. East Europe, interestingly is seeing a glut in shale gas related activities with oil and gas investment flooding into the region. Read
Development of new grades offering high clarity and fast cycling, as well as solutions with high levels of consumer appeal will drive growth in polypropylene. Global PP market is estimated to surpass its 4.4% average annual growth rate of the past eight years in the future. To know about the applications that will account for the largest volume of growth and the laggards, reasons for diminishing share, regions that drive PP consumption, etc, read
It is estimated that in 2010, solar photovoltaics was used for generating electricity in over 100 countries around the world. However, the overall percentage of solar photovoltaics amounted to only 4.8 TW of the total power generating capacity worldwide from all sources. But solar photovoltaics is the fastest growing power generation source in the world today and experts expect that the total market for photovoltaics will grow exponentially in the coming years. The results of 2011, and outlook for the next several years – show that under the right policy conditions PV can continue its progress towards competitiveness in key electricity markets and become a mainstream energy source. Read more in
The global titanium dioxide pigment industry improved profitability at the strongest rate in two decades. Manufacturing cost is expected to see quantum hike in the next 2-3 years. Growth during the last five years has been led by major emerging economies – most notably China, Brazil. the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. The mature economies of Western Europe and North America have stagnated or seen negative growth in consumption. Read more in
Worldwide demand for geosynthetics is projected to increase at an accelerated speed from the gains of the 2005-2010 period. Advances are being driven by increasing market penetration and large-scale construction plans in many developing countries. In 2009, the use of geosynthetics declined about 5% in USA and Canada; but growth rebounded to about 2% in 2010. To know the largest regional market, factors impacting gains, the growing regions and application, factors limiting growth, etc, read
Millions suffer scarring and skin irritation from medical tape. Majority of them are infants or elderly people, who have fragile skin. Biomedical engineers have developed a new kind of medical tape; one that can be removed without damaging skin. Read more in
A drug-eluting stent with proprietary PLGA polymer and everolimus drug coating dissipates and has the potential to improve post-implant vessel healing, improve long-term safety and efficacy and perhaps even reduce the need for prolonged dual antiplatelet therapy. A new approach could allow more subtle control and timing of drug delivery. The new technique uses hydrogels, which are a type of ‘smart’ polymer made of water-soluble long-chain molecules. Read more in
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