Features :
1 One Component, Ready to Use System.
2 High Electric strength :- 55 Kv/mm
3 Excellent resistance to moisture
4 Resistance to Acids, Alkalies, and chemicals
5 Good abrasion and scratch resistance
6 Thermally Stable up to 200ºC
7 Quick drying at room temperature
Advantages :
1. Simple application by Brush or Spray technique
2. Single handed operation; No skill manpower
3. No special surface treatment before application
4. Application on surfaces having any geometry e.g. Busbar bends, Fish Plates, Radiator Fuses etc.
5. Cost effective as compared to conventional methods.
Technical Data:
Single component, air drying, Insulation coating for Electrical & Electronic Industries.
Chem. comp. Thermoplastic Copolymer
Colour Red, Yellow, Blue & Clear