65MM PP/HDPE Monofilament Plant.
Application: To manufacture PP/HDPE monofilament. 120 filaments, operating                        speed 140 mtrs/minute. Output will depend on monofilament size.
                       0.2mm dia, 30-35 kgs/hr. depending on PP/HDPE, 0.25mm dia, 60-70                        kgs /hr depending on PP/HDPE.        
Extruder: 65mm single screw extruder mounted on sturdy frame made of heavy steel                   sections.                  
Screw diameter : 65mm
Material: Nitro alloy steel & nitrided.
L/D Ratio : 28:1
Barrel: To suit 65mm diameter screw.
Heating system: Heaters as per our standard.
No of zones: 5 zones or suitable.
Cooling arrangement : Feed section cooled by water recirculation through jacket.
Main drive: 12.5 HP AC motor as per our standard.
Transmission system: By V- belts from motor to gearbox and safety guard                                            provided.

Die Head and Die
Die: 120 strands as per our standard.
Heating system: Standard heater as per our standard.

Control Cabinet:

Fabricated from steel sheets that are mounted on a robust fabricated frame. The control cabinet includes standard digital indicators on control panel board (A.C. Drive is not in scope of our supply).

Quenching Tank
For Quenching monofilaments in cold water.
Material: Fabricated from SS and having ebonite / magnetic SS separators for proper                  separation of monofilaments.
Dimensions: 1100mm L x 600mm W x 530mm H (Dimensions are approx.)

First Goddet
Consists of robust fabricated stand on which rolls are supported on bearing housing. All seven rollers are driven.
No. of rolls : 7
Material of rolls : Alluminium
Dimension of rolls: 200mm Diameter (approx).
                                    370mm Length (approx).
Goddet drive : 3HP DC motor & reduction gearbox no.4 with chain and sprocket                            arrangement as per our standard.
Pressure roller: Rubberised pressure roller, spring operated is mounted on the last                                goddet roller to avoid any slippage during operation.

Orientation Tank for HDPE
It is made out from SS.Tank is also provided with SS lid having handle. The complete tank is mounted on MS fabricated structure. Tank has provision to mount 5 nos. water immersion heater.
No. of heaters : 5 nos.
Heating load : 10KW
Dimensions: 3450mm L x 330mm W x 125 mm H (Dimensions are approx.)

Second Goddet

Consists of robust fabricated stand on which rolls are supported on heavy bearings. All seven rolls are driven.
No. of rolls : 7
Material of rolls : Alluminium.
Dimension of rolls : 240mm Diameter (approx.)
                                     370mm Length (approx)
Goddet drive : 7.5 HP DC Motor and standard reduction gear box no.4 with chain and                            sprocket arrangement as per our standard.
One 6 shafts bobbin type winder, with individual torque type motor and torque motor drive. Shafts are supported on bearings.
Torque motor: 1HP AC (6 Nos.)