PVC Rigid Pipe Manufacturing Lines
1. Equipped with piggyback extruder to control the required feeding of main extruder allowing wider production range.
2. Screw and barrel of main extruder made from high grade alloy steel, hard chrome plated, nitrided and polished.
3. Special screw design for optimum mixing and eliminates carbonization (burning) of PVC material.

B.Die Head
1. Fabricated from high grade alloy steel, heavily hard chrome plated to ensure maxium wear resistance.
2. Torpedo design, wider flow channels reduce back pressure, increase production output and improve product quality.
3. By changing die inserts and vacuum calibrating sleeve, various diameter of pipes within a certain range can be made from the same die head.

C.Vacum Calibrating Spray/Cooling Tank
1. Consists of a spraying tank and a cooling tank, bothare made from stainless steel. Vacuum pump, water pump and recirculating pump included.
2. Using a large number of nozzles for maximum cooling efficiency, vacuum system precisely control the sizing of pipes.

D.Haul-Off Unit & Cutter
1. Multi-roller caterpillar type haul-off unit with DC motor drive system for precision pulling.
2. Travelling saw type cutter pneumatically cut off pipe according to the length preset by digital counter.