Vacuum Forming Machine

Salient Features:
1.Power Consumption only 3 KW.
2.Output 10 cycles per minute.
3."Contact Heating" for faster heating.
4.Adjustable width & travel of the machine.
5.Fully Automatic roll fed machine.Loading, clamping,is automatic.
6.In built plug assist + arrangement for deep draw articles.
7.Plate cooling instead of die cooling.Cost of the die reduces substanially.
8.Suitable for PVC, HIPS, PET, EPS, PP & other forming grade material.
9.Size reducing frames available.
10.Robust Machine with "Powder Coated" structure.

1.Pharmaceuticals:Ampoules & Vials Trays, Ointment Tubes Hospital
2.Cosmetics:Soap boxes, Lipstick trays, Nail polish trays, Mascara,
perfumes, etc.
3.Food Products:Jams & Pickles, Mithai boxes, Frozen meat, fish,
poultry, Disposable boxes & trays for lunch & snacs.
4.General: Stationary Industry, Household general products, Toys,
Games & other related items.Audio/Video equipment & parts.

Technical Specifications:

Model 1812 1420
Effective Forming Area
18" * 12" 14" * 20"
Maximum Draw
100 mm. 100 mm.
Roll Width 20" 22"
Minimum Air Pressure 4.5 Bar 4.5 Bar
Maximum Speed 10 Cycles/Min. 10 Cycles/Min
Power Supply 3KW.,440V.,3 Phase 3KW.,440V.3 Phase