T - Shirt Bag Making Machine

The line consists of the following elements:

1) Hydraulic system for reel lifting
2) No. 1 reel-holder shaft complete with cones
3) Automatic end-of-reel stopping device
4) Peripheral unwinder activated by vectorial motor with inverter for constant control film development
5) Automatic edge guiding system with photocells
6) 1100 mm useful film passage

1) longitudinal cut/seal device with temperature control system
2) multiple post-gusseting unit with electronically controlled motorized draw calender
3) horizontal compensator complete with potentiometer for film tension control
4) prints alignment system
5) track channelling

1) Low film inertia compensation group
2) No. 1 photocell
3) Vertical compensator for print position adjustment
4) Servo driven film draw
5) Bag stacking station with or without needles
6) Command and Control Panel for all Functions:
- general data computerization through digital PC
- data visualization with TOUCH screen with main menu
for the selection of the bags and the adjustments regarding the main pro-
duction parameters
- programmable counting on the basis of specific production needs
- sealing group temperature control
- processor linear speed control
- "quick" recording of the most important production parameters without
having to stop the machine in order to reset data
- constant visualization of production speed (bags/min)
- main switch: 63 a
- outlet : 3x380 + N + T (other on request)
All the mechanical, pneumatic and electric controls are grouped together on the side of the machine.

Sealing Group
1) Sealing bars for shopper sealing
2) Electronic temperature control

1) Automatic punching system with hydraulic press equipped with "fastening system" for fast cutting die interchangeability
2) Rotating beater
3) Conveyer belt for discard transfer

4) Rotating surface for cutting die contrast
5) Automatic collection table with programmable intermittent transfer