Barium-Cadmium & Barium-Cadmium-Zinc Stabilizers
We offers different grades of Ba/Zn stabilizer systems as :
P301(Ba/Zn): A grade with outstanding early colour and long range colour characteristics well suited for extrusion and calendering applications.
PSTAB302(Ba/Zn): Similar to P301 with extra Zinc. In characteristics this grade is also recommended for same applications.
PSTAB303(Ba/Zn): An economic grade with good initial clarity and long range stability is recommended for the general purpose extrusion, calendering & plastisol application.
PSTAB304(Ba/Zn): Is an economic grade which has good initial colour and long range stability and is recommended for plastisol application.
PSTAB305(Ba/Zn): A grade specially developed for foam leather cloth, wallpaper and floor covering, the product is an efficient stabilizer-kicker and can be used in replacement of the familiar Cadmium-Zinc systems.