Organotin Carboxylates
The important derivative in this category has the following structures.

The performance of sulphur-free tin stabilizers is good in all types of emulsion and bulk PVC. used in suitable formulations, these give rigid PVC high transparency and more importantly, very good weathering stability. There are known difficulties in the use of alkyltin maleates for rigid PVC processing. The PVC mass tends to adhere to hot parts of the machinery. However, this can be completely prevented by addition of a suitable lubricant or use of a blend of organotin carboxylate with a small amount of special organotin mercaptide.
We offers the following Grades of Organotin Carboxylates:
PSTAB2001 and PSTAB2002 (Butyl Tin Carboxylates) are recommended for non food technical applications. They are suitable for crystal clear blown rigid film and sheetings for outdoor weathering applications, profiles, floor coverings and coil coating
PSTAB2001 is based on Butyl Maleate while PSTAB2002 is based on Iso Octyl Maleate. Both grades offer outstanding outdoor weathering characteristics.
PSTAB2101 (OCTYL Tin Carboxylate): is recommended for applications covered by food contact regulations. It is suitable for crystal clear rigid blown film for food packaging applications. In common with Dibutyl Tin Carboxylates, PSTAB 2101 offer outstanding outdoor weathering characteristics and low odour.