One Pack Stabilizer Systems: Products, Properties and Applications
Product Code Properties/ Characteristics Applications
SR-2005 Good heat Stability, economical Rigid PVC pipes, fittings, profiles, sections
SR-2010 Excellent heat stability with U.V.light stability to some extent Rigid PVC pipes, fittings,(ISI Mark),profiles, sections requiring high heat stability
SR-2020 Excellent heat stability with U.V.light stability and superior in-built Lubrication Rigid PVC pipes, fittings,(ISI Mark),profiles, sections requiring superior gloss and finish
SR-2025 Economical, good heat stability Casing caping, conduits
SR-2030 Excellent heat stability, U.V. resistance to some extent, good mechanical properties. Casing caping, conduits(ISI mark) requiring high heat stability and finish
SR-2050 Good heat resistance, semilubricating and giving good mechanical properties. Injection mouldings
SR-3140 Economical, good heat stability gives good flow. General purpose shoe Compounds
SR-3160 Excellent heat stability and flow. Gives better shine and gloss Shoe compounds with high heat stability.
SR-3180 Good heat stability & gives translucent Moulded shoes Clear shoe compounds with good finish
SR-3190 Excellent heat stability with good flow. Gives translucent to clear product on extrusion Tubings, clear and coloured.
SR-4110 Excellent heat stability & giving good mechanical properties Cable Insulation Compunds
SR-4150 Excellent heat stability & giving good dielectric properties & mechanical propentics Cable insulation compounds (ISI), requiring high electrical properties
SR-4170 Excellent heat stability with lubrication Cable Insulation compound requiring high gloss and shine
SR-4190 Good heat stability gives clear compounds for telephone & other wires Transparent wires and cables
SR-5550 Excellent heat stability, stain resistance for PVC/PVA copolymers Asbestos filled flooring compounds
SR-6120 Good heat stability Leather cloth-spread coating
SR-6140 Heat stability & plate out resistance Leather cloth-calendering
SR-7170 Excellent heat stability, plate out resistance, good initial colour and hold Leather cloth requiring high heat & ligh stability, especially of white or light colours