Arburg Injection Moulding Machines, Quick Mould Change Systems and Lab Equipments


Electrical Products and Services

Experience and solutions for energy sector

  • Electrical system studies
  • Electrical and thermo-mechanical component diagnostics
  • Improvement of power quality
  • Plant automation
  • Testing and certification of electrical and electronic components
  • Material analysis
  • Assessment of environmental compatibility
Since 1983, as the only partner company for ASM, we have been providing to the Semi-Conductor industry, Front End and Back End equipment to manufacture professional active components, consumer electronics and opto-electronics.

UNIMARK represents international manufacturers of top quality machinery for the plastics industry. These include high precision Injection Moulding Machines, Laboratory Scale equipment to simulate several processes and SPMs for machining finished plastic components. Along with the primary equipment we supply a wide range of peripheral equipment from tooling components to temperature controllers, material dryers, granulators, Quick mould change and Production Monitoring systems.

Having been in the industry for close to 3 decades, we can provide solutions to most plastic processing problems. A team of well qualified and trained Sales and Service engineers are readily available to assist you whenever required.
Come to us if you are looking to process any plastic material. We’ll provide you with all you need!


With a new energy efficient option and two new models on the GOLDEN EDITION series, we are now able to offer you ARBURG’s world class hydraulic molding machines that consume lesser energy, allow for faster cycles and much lower emissions.
The new Productivity Package makes the GOLDEN EDITION machines more energy efficient by way of a variable frequency motor that is water cooled to minimize noise, heat and dust emissions.
Additionally, your favourite GOLDEN EDITION machines now have two more models


 Steel Wire Processing

Since 1949, people in the steel industry looking to process wires & rods have been using state-of-the-art machines by EVG, Austria. In this industry, EVG means quality and efficiency.
The product line includes machines for basic processes like straightening, bending etc to complete mesh welding lines and also panels used in the construction Industry.

Given below are some products made by EVG.

Entwicklungs- und Verwertungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H.  
Steel Wire Processing Equipment

Mesh Welding Machines

  • Fine & Light
  • Industrial
Mesh Welding Machines

Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machines

  • Production from coils
  • Processing of pre-straightened and cut to length bars
  • Truss girder welding machines
  • Flex cam systems
  • Grating welders
  • Automatic strengtheners and cutters for reinforcing steel and wire
  • Steel wire cold rolling lines
Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machines

Equipment for processing reinforcing steel

  • From coils
  • From rebar


Tooling Components

Thanks to our association with the Plastics Industry, we have over the years, been in touch with Tool makers also manufacturing Press Tools. For the very same reason, since 1999 we have been selling Gas Springs for the Press tool industry.