Mono HM Plant, Blown Film Laboratory Machine, Two Layer Blown Film Plant


Three Layer Blown Film Plant

Three-Layer-Multi-Purpose Three-Layer-Multi-Purpose

Two Layer Blown Film Plant

Carry Bags, lamination Films, Detergent Packaging, Stretch Cling Films, Shrink Wrap Film, Two color Film for Couriers, Salt Packing, Two Strip film for Grocery bags, Spice Packing, Confectionery, Packing and Twist wrap packing, Liners


Mono Layer Multi Purpose Blown Film Plant

Mono-Multi-purpose Mono-Multi-purpose

Mono HM Plant

Film for Grocery bags, Garbage Bags, Carry Bags, D-Punch, Vest type Bags, Fancy carry Bags, Liners, Incinerators Bags, Covers

Our Other Products

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  • In Line Recycling
  • Embossing Attachment
  • Die Rotating Assembly for Mono and Multi Layer Film Plant
  • Semi automatic resettable Lever type Screen Changer
  • Candle Filter


Blown Film Laboratory Machine

  • Single & multi layer blown film machine available
  • Lay flat Width up to 300 mm is possible
  • Matorised Height adjustment is available as an optional attachment
  • Film viewing box provided
  • Very small foot print occupies 15sp feet floor space
  • Maximum power consumption will be 10KW
  • Easy clean Spiral Flow Die/s with unique desing, achieves ultra high film Quality
  • Disserent Models available, depending upon Output & Lay Flat Width