HITCO Electricals based in New Delhi, India is a leading manufacturer of high reliability electric heaters for plastics processing machinery. Hitco’s modern heater manufacturing facility is equipped with sophisticated high tech machinery enabling it offer heaters for plastic extrusion and molding machinery of unmatched performance and reliability. The R&D center equipped with advanced CAD software has helped introduce sophisticated heaters and reliable designs for advanced heating applications for plastic processing machinery. Hitco has provided many innovative heating solutions and heater designs to leading OEMs in the Indian plastic processing industry.
Hitco has provided many innovative heating solutions and heater designs to leading OEMs in the Indian plastic processing industry.
Hitco heaters are subjected to numerous quality checks during production stage. Final inspection is conducted on 100% of heaters to ensure conformity to essential safety aspects prescribed by European Council Directive 73/23/EEC relating to Electrical Equipment. and relevant requirements of Harmonized European Standards
Hitco heaters comply with CE marking standards
Hitco provides you with a one stop shop for electric heaters for plastic machines and solutions for just about any of your heating requirements. Excellent quality, experienced personnel, world class facilities, large inventories for quick deliveries, manufacturing capabilities to meet the toughest challenge, and comprehensive testing of all heaters and heating products. Our heaters are manufactured with care and quality workmanship, yet we offer fast delivery and prompt service.
You name it! We have it! Heaters as diverse as your needs. Hitco provides heating solutions for one and all, from the relentless Industrial Heater, to the versatile commercial heater & to the sophisticated domestic heater.

Industrial Heaters

Industrial Heaters
The Insulation Plus Power saving Heater
Mica Band Heater
Ceramic Band Heater
Heater-Cooler Assembly for Extrusion Machines
Nozzle Heaters
Coil Heaters
Hitco High Density Cartridge Heaters
Low /Medium watt Density Cartridge Heaters
Tubular Heaters
Short Wave Infrared Heaters
Cast Heater Aluminum/Bronze

Commercial Heaters

Hitco air heaters 'u' type for baking chambers, ovens etc.
Hitco finned air heaters 'u' type for blower type ovens etc.
Hitco finned air heaters single tube type
Hitco commercial water immersion heaters for geysers, water boilers etc.
Commercial Heaters
Products: Industrial Heaters | Commercial Heaters
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