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YUDO is specialized in Hot Runner Systems that is provides total solutions with world class technologies.
YUDO was established in 1980 by Francis Yu (Chairman) to manufacture Hot Runner System.
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• YUDO manufactures all component parts within the company (Heaters, Controllers and all machined parts). • Total Quality Assurance is accomplished over design, development, production, installation and after sales service of the Hot Runner System.
Overseas Subsidiaries & Agencies
Yudo established 15 subsidiaries around the world and has a further 13 sales agencies in Germany, Singapore, Thailand, etc. Yudo provides total solutions systems based on the world's best technologies and offers the blue card warranty around the world.
YUDO in the World
YUDO continuously dashed forward to expand its market shares throughout overseas exhibitions participations in Europe, Asia, and America regions.


Hot Runner Controller

Model: CGF770T Series
- Up to date new development
- Dual circuit protections against over current (break in circuit) and over current detection function.
- Wall pendent type enabling workspace efficient
- Remote control

Hot Runner Plate Assemblies System

- Yudo provides plate assemblies (Modu system) which are fully assembled, wired and thermally tested before shipment.
- This option provides a faster and more convenient method of installing the Yudo Hot Runner Systems.
- The plate assemblies system eliminates any problems associated with wiring and hot runner assembly. It can also help to reduce mold manufacturing line.
- An ID card is attached to every modu system. This enables the customer to search for detailed data of their plate assemblies system on the Yudo website, at anytime, anywhere in the world.
Eco-Modu System:
Eco-Modu system is assembled system by only essential parts of Hot runner system which is composed of nozzle, manifold, connecting system, however it is very easy to assemble eco-modu system to the mold.
Ez-Modu System:
- Ez-Modu system is a simplified modu system.
- Fully assembled, wired and thermally tested.
- Wires are fully protected by steel cover.
- An id card.

Hot Runner Manifold System

- Yudo does not ask customer to select for numerous parts related to manifold.
- Customer just provides basic information, then Yudo will manufacture and supply the entire parts of manifold. Features:
- Depending upon the specification of the plastic material, Yudo uses 3 different types of steel in order to comply with any chemical or mechanical requirements of the manifold.
- Yudo design and manufacture manifolds to reflect the customer's exact requirements, hence manufacturing will not proceed, until the customer has approved the design.
- Yudo has three standard manifold thicknesses.

Bala- Hot Runner Thermally Balanced Nozzle System

Bala hot runner system is designed to meet the demands of general applications, including engineering materials. The design provides the best thermally balanced nozzle.
Typical applications:
- TV black panel
- Window frame (PVC)
- 2 color tail lamp
- 4 different flow channels.
- Nozzle length can be adjusted by order.
- Inter changeable gate bushes.
- Open gate & valve gate.
- The Yudo Bala system is designed to keep the melt channel of the nozzle at a uniform operating temperature.
- A wide variety of gate designs (11 standards plus options) makes the Bala system suitable for most applications.
- The Bala system is designed to offer +/- 3 percent variation of the melt temperature along the whole length of the hot runner system melt channel. This guarantee is given when the hot runner system is operating under normal conditions. - The Bala system can be used with a wide range of materials including PBT and PVC, and eliminates the problems associated with heat witness marks around the gate area.

Fast Cycle Time - Hot Runner System

The Yudo Mass System is designed for mass production and fast cycle time molding.
- Precision mechanical design: The pin guide bush is installed in the head of the nozzle which ensures that the valve pin is always maintained concentric with the gate.
- Excellent with various engineering plastics.
Typical applications:
- Engineering parts (CD-Rom, Main frame etc.)
- Precisely manufactured nozzle body.
- Available only for valve gate.
- Only standard specification.
- Nozzle and tip in one body.
- 4 different flow channel sizes.
- Ultra precision required when machining.
- Special surface treated nozzle for uniform and fast heat transfer.
- One piece heat treated stainless body guarantees extra high pressure molding.
- Manifold is allowed to slide freely on heat expansion.
- Durable and smooth response Glyd rings in the valve pin cylinder.
- Straight gate + guided valve pin extends mold operating life.
- Easy maintenance.
- Excellent gate vestige.
- Long life for mass production and fast cycle molding.
- Minimum maintenance requirements.
- Excellent with all kinds of engineering plastics [PC+GF, PPC, PBT+ GF , PA +GF, etc.] through applying core heat transfer technology.

Hot Runner Valve System

- Single Valve III is a product of originality, innovation and simple design, which provides a durable and high performances Single valve gate nozzle.
- The smart flow channel offers excellent molding performance with glass filled materials, even PBT +50 percent GF, PET +45 percent GF , PA +45 percent GF etc.
Typical Applications:
- 7 color charge monitor cover.
- Wheel cover
- Core injection notebook cover (PC + ABS)
- Valve gate system use only.
- Excellent gate vestige.
- Simple operation of a valve pin.
- Application for a wide range of applications with both general purpose and engineering materials.
- Compact design with 3 optional channel diameters.
- Helps simplify stack mold structure and operation.
- The valve pin moves vertically inside of nozzle body by a position without any use of ratchet or rotating cam mechanisms.
- The creative single valve series nozzle offers 3 standard flow channels with gate diameters from 15 mm to 8 mm, and an optional size up to a maximum of 10 mm diameter gate.
- The length of the nozzle can be up to 1000 mm, and provides the best solution for feeding the component through the fixed half core.
- The smart flow channel offers excellent color change, in less than 10 shots, and a large injection volume with lower injection pressures.

Hot Runner Valve and Nozzle system

- Yuri system is a patented technology featuring the valve mechanism and nozzle constructed as one unit.
- The smart flow channel minimizes the pressure drop in the nozzle and facilitates quick and easy color change.
- Yuri system offers a true Back to Back valve stack mold.
Typical applications:
- Pallet
- TV cover
- Instrument panel.
- 4 different flow channels
- Pneumatic and hydraulic valve pin operation.
- Valve gate only.
- Smart flow channel.
- Height of nozzle can be adjustable by order.
- The valve assembly is located under the manifold, with the valve pin free from thermal expansion of the manifold.
- The Yuri design eliminates the need for a pin guide bush which is the main cause of material leakage from the valve pin/guide pin bush area.
- The thickness of mold can be reduced by 70 mm, compared with conventional valve gate systems.
- The Yuri nozzle assembly is easily maintained without removal from the injection molding machine, and repairable without disassembly of the mold.

Hot Runners for Small Dimensional and Balance Tol.

Yuma system, with a unique design concept, offers the ideal solution for producing components, which have to be produced to small dimensional and balance tolerances, typical products include fan blades, blower fans, gears, and pump blades etc.
Typical applications:
- Fan
- Small gear
- Blower
- Ring (Acetal, 3 gate)
- Only order made - Yudo has many satisfied customers applying a variety of field proven designs.
- Only valve gate systems available.
- Minimum gate pitch circle diameter is 10 mm for 3 gates.
- A single high performance heater and single valve pin control cylinder offers a perfect filling balance of the multi gates.
- Eliminates the possibility of over packing at one gate and under packing at another gate.
- Reduces mold height and operation stroke, and the unique design offers the ideal solution for multi cavity molds to produce balanced components with close tolerances dimensional requirements.

Hot Runner for Glass Talc Reinforced Parts

- Yuen system is designed for producing engineering components in engineering plastics with either glass fiber, carbon fiber and talc reinforcement etc.
- Main applications are multi cavity engineering components.
Typical applications
- Socket
- Toothbrush
- Mobile phone
- Floppy disk cover and cap.
- 4 different flow channel diameters.
- Open & valve gate systems.
- Only standard nozzle lengths available.
- Main applications for high temperature and reinforced materials. [PPS, PEEK, PA+GF, PET+GF etc.]
- Yuen nozzles are made from hardened steel with core heat transfer technology applied.
- Long operating life with glass filled materials.
- Yuen system offers a minimum gate pitch by using a specially made 15 mm coil heater, which produces a heating element of 15 mm gate pitch. Each nozzle has independent temperature control.
- Minimizes the pressure drop in the nozzle and eliminates material drool after each shot.
Products: Hot Runner Controller | Hot Runner Plate Assemblies System | Hot Runner Manifold System |
Bala- Hot Runner Thermally Balanced Nozzle System | Fast Cycle Time - Hot Runner System |
Hot Runner Valve System | Hot Runner Valve and Nozzle system |
Hot Runners for Small Dimensional and Balance Tol. |
Hot Runner for Glass Talc Reinforced Parts

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