Colour Pigment Concentrates, Pigment for Masterbatches from Ducol

Paints, Printing Inks, Rubber and Detergent
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Ducol Organics & Colours Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in the business of pigment dispersions, pigment concentrates, pigment emulsions and pigment pastes since the last 21 years. Our current range of products finds applications in paints, printing inks, rubber and detergent industries and leading manufacturers in these fields such as Hindustan Unilever and Asian Paints are our customers.

Our forte lies in optimal pigment dispersion in various mediums as per the industry requirement. We have now extended this expertise of ours in manufacturing masterbatches for the plastic processing industry successfully for the last two years. Our manufacturing facilities are located at Taloja Raigad and are equipped with the most advanced machines and quality control equipment to ensure the best quality and consistency in our products.