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SP Ultraflex Systems (P) Ltd. has more than two decades years of enriching experience in the manufacture of quality equipment for the Flexible Packaging and Converting Industry.
After having made its mark as a reputed source for high quality Converting equipment including Rotogravure printing presses, Solvent based / Solvent less Lamination equipments and Slitter rewinders, the company in 2003 decided to focus on taking its range of Slitting and rewinding equipment to the next level.
Unrelenting efforts and continuous technology upgradation have enabled SP Ultraflex to position itself within a short span of six years as the market leader for an exclusive range of High speed Slitter rewinders available in thoughtfully differentiated versions. Also offered are standard and reversible Web inspection rewinders and Doctoring rewinding machines.
Among the hundred or so machines supplied in this period more than twenty customers have three or more repeat installations from SP Ultraflex, bearing indisputable testimony to the quality, reliability and after sales support which goes into every machine supplied by the company.
Standardization of inputs, large inventory levels and an in house control and automation division ensure that the company is not dependent on a third entity for either for spares when required or for support when the rare occasion arises.

SP Ultraflex's Products

Slitting & Rewinding Machine - Rear Loading

The DSR RL (Rear loading) accommodates the unwind and duplex rewind section on opposite sides to allow big diameter reels on both the unwind and rewind side in a layout which is surprisingly compact and space saving. Designed to function at speeds upto 450 m/min, this version is a frontrunner where the output per unit space is an important criterion during selection of equipment. Slitting & Rewinding Machine - Rear Loading
Rear loading unwind
Compact design
Large unwind / rewind diameters

Slitting & Rewinding Machine - Front Loading

The DSR FL (Front loading) offers a compact solution for smaller unwind and rewind diameters where accessibility, visibility and operator comfort are the main concern. Here the unwind and duplex rewind sections are positioned vertically on the operator side- reducing operator movement, allowing easier web threading and offering speeds upto 300m/min. Slitting & Rewinding Machine - Front Loading
Single side operation
Excellent visibility and access
Minimum operator movement

Slitting & Rewinding Machine - Overhead Path

The ULTRASLIT OHP is a unique blend of ergonomics and output. The bundle of features offered with this version enables high speed slitting rewinding with almost every conceivable flexible substrate and thickness. The clear winner where floor space is not a constraint, this configuration offers the best in terms of hygienic work environment, visibility and access and production speeds that only a free standing unwind with an overhead path can. Slitting & Rewinding Machine - Overhead Path
Overhead path
Excellent visibility and access
Hygienic work environment
Highly versatile & productive

Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder

The top of the line ROBOSLITTM is a dual turret, fully loaded overhead path Slitter rewinder with a unique combination of revolutionary features including floor lift unwind, robotic rewind core positioning / ejection and robotic knife positioning. The result is a drastic reduction in the cumulative changeover time, which on a conventional high speed slitter can take up anything from 55% to 75% of the man- machine time, depending on the variety and length of jobs.
The extensive use of Robotics and integrated material handling devices in the ROBOSLITTM also introduces rhythm in the production cycle and de-skills the single operator required to handle the machine.
• Dual turret rewinds
• Robotic core and cutter positioning
• Motorized ejection of rewind reels
• Liner lay on section
Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder

Reversible - Web Inspection Rewinder

The WIR REV Reversible Web inspection rewinder is conceived to eliminate human errors due to differing reaction times of operating personnel. The machine can run in the forward or reverse direction to bring back the defective part to the splicing area either through human intervention or as a response to the defect signal from a defect detection system. The reversibility further boosts productivity by allowing the defect free reel to be reversed to its original direction without unloading and re- loading.
• Reversible operation using a three motor drive
• Manual inspection through stroboscope
• Automatic mode when used with a defect detection system
• Independent control over unwind and rewind tension
Reversible - Web Inspection Rewinder

Reversible - Doctoring Rewinding Machine

The DRM REV is a reversible coil rewinding machine which boosts productivity by allowing the salvaged reel to be restored to its original direction without the time and effort that would be required for unloading and reloading on a uni-directional rewinding machine.
• Ultrasonic, bi-directional edge guide
• Reversible operation using a two motor drive
• Instant Stop on operator command
Reversible - Doctoring Rewinding Machine

Says company owner Biku K. Each machine supplied by SP Ultraflex Systems Pvt Ltd comes to the customer with long-term support for spare parts and service and is accompanied by comprehensive manuals for safe operation and easy maintenance. Repeat orders from discerning customers from India and overseas is reflective of the continued satisfaction and confidence of our customers and a testimony to the quality, technology, affordability and reliability of SP Ultraflex machines.
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