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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturers of heating elements, all kinds of heaters, ceramic band heaters, ceramic jacket heaters (power saver), mica band heaters, cartridge heaters, high watt density cartridge heaters, tubular air heater, immersion heaters, ceramic bobbin heater, furnace elements.
We also manufacture hot runner mould heaters such as coil heaters, manifold heaters, cast heaters, micro tube heaters and high watt density cartridge heaters.
We are an organization by technocrats having good relation with all major and small industries situated in India. Vishwesh Enterprises has been serving the industry for the last 10 years in heater manufacturing and for over a year in hot-runner system heaters. In this short period we have been able to generate good market reputation through our quality product with competitive price and effective delivery service.

Product guarantee for a complete system application
Standardized wearing code
Heaters with the optional heat transaction and liner or progressive heat profile

Owner of the Company Mr. V.V. PATIL and Partner Mr. Hrushikesh Patil have vast experience in the field of heating and products with heating elements. Vishwesh is a manufacturer & exporter of every type heaters made heater based on customer specification and Samples. We offer competitive prices and very good after sell services to the customer's best satisfaction.
Ceramic Band Heaters and Ceramic Jacket Heaters (Power Saver)
Plastic processing Machinery
Plastic Injection and Blow Molding
Extruders for processing plastics
Many other applications (Food processing)
Mica Band Heaters
Plastic processing Machinery
Plastic Injection and Blow Molding
Extruders for processing plastics
Many other Applications. (Medical, Lab-quipments…etc)
Swage Cartridge Heaters
Plastic processing machineries
Hot runner system
Cast and Coil Heaters
Heating nozzle & busing for hot runner mold
D similar application for pressure die casting nozzles
Highly non-corrosive
Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area
Even temperature profile
Brass casting acts as an insulator
Avoids decoiling & withstands pressure during
Micro Tubular Heaters
Plastic processing machineries
PET preform mold
Tubular Manifold Heaters
Hot runner mould systems
PET preform mold
Air Heaters
Tubular Heaters
Finned Tubular Heaters
Heating air in duct
Warming equipment
Food processing equipment
Process air equipment
Water Immersion Heaters
Boiler equipment
Hot water storage tanks
Food processing units
Warming equipments
Oil Immersion Heaters
Heating low & heavy weight off
Reducing oil viscosity & permitting better pumpability for transfer operations
Chemical Immersion Heaters
Metal Immersion Heaters
Tubular Immersion Heaters in Various Sheating Matels
Quartz Immersion Heaters
Furnace Elements
Coil Elements
Ribbon Heating Elements
Radiant Tube – Firebar Elements
Carburizing, Hardening, Draw Furnaces, Roller Hearth, Rotary Hearth Furnaces Typical Atmosphere Applications: air, Inert, Strongly Reducing.
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Company Name Vishwesh Enterprises
Contact Person Mr. Hrushikesh Patil
Address A-14, Pavana Indl. Premises Co-op. Ltd., Near MIDC Post Office, Plot No. T-204, MIDC Bhosari, Pune-411026 Maharashtra, India
Contact Number +91-20-27129213 / 27121399
Fax +91-20-27129213
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