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About Adva-Tech
Adva-Tech specialises in design, engineering and fabrication of Cooling Towers. We have our own facilities for designing and manufacturing Cooling Towers of various types, backed with a strong background of research, design and commitment to quality. We offer FRP Cooling Towers of Capacity ranging from 5TR to 600 TR in Single cell and as per requirement of client in multi-cells. We also repair/revamp any type of existing Cooling Towers considering the total system approach. Adva-Tech Cooling Towers are designed to best suit the Indian climatic as well as working conditions.

Adva-Tech products
Adva-Tech design and offers cooling towers to suite specific requirements, and identifies the cooling tower as an integral part of a process rather than an isolated unit. Cooing tower is designed to enhance efficiency of the process as a whole. Adva-Tech has a vast range of models to suit different requirements. The capacity range is from 5 TR to 600 TR in single Cell and as per requirement of client in multi cell.

Round Bottle Type Cooling Towers

Round Bottle Type Cooling Towers
Works on the principle of counter flow where the water flows down while the air is pulled upwards by a fan. As the water flows further through the system, the air encounters is fresher, in other words cooler and less saturated with moisture. Special composition of raw materials are selected to withstand corrosion, to resist water borne bacteria and organisms, is light in weight which permits roof installation without any special reinforcement. Vertical induced draft counter-flow design permits installation in any direction with freedom. It consumes less power (energy) overall because of less air resistance to water, saving in operational costs. A direct driven axial fan ensures the system is free from problems faced with belt & gear drives.

Square Type Cooling Towers

Square Type Cooling Towers
• Operates on the induced draft counter flow principle operation
• The fan creates air movement vertically up the tower across the fills in opposition to the water flow
• Hot circulating water enters the water inlet headers and sprays through non clogging PP spray nozzles.
  Water distribution is even
• Well designed PVC Drift Eliminators are fitted to reduce Drift Losses
• Square Fiber Glass Cooling Towers are provided with Inspection door for easy access for inspection &   maintenance
• Square tower can be installed in multi cell also

Fan & Fill Less Natural Drafts Type Cooling Tower

Adva-Tech Fanless/Fill less/Jet type Cooling Towers are specially designed for giving ultimate performance with virtually no maintenance.
These Cooling Towers are based on the principal of transfer of heat from hot water to atmospheric air by arranging the both air & water to come in contact with each other in such a fashion that heat transfer is maximum.
Material of construction of these Cooling Towers is weatherproof FRP louvers. The water distribution system is made up of GI/PVC and heavy duty MS Hot Dip Galvanised structure, Specially designed Nylon/PP nozzles are used for achieving maximum efficiency.
Fan & Fill Less Natural Drafts Type Cooling Towers

• Designed, Manufacturing and Supply of cooling towers
• Revamping & renovation of cooling towers
• Supply spares for FRP & Wooden Cooling Towers
• Maintenance and service of FRP & Wooden Cooling Tower
• Supply Water Treatment Chemicals
• Undertake Annual Maintenance Contract of FRP cooling towers
• Convert Geared driven to direct driven in wooden cooling towers
• Undertake FRP lining work
Our Spares include:

FRP Casing:

The tower casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester resins, etc. Additional embossing is done for extra strength in case of large capacity cooling towers.

FRP Basin:

Basin is made of FRP and it’s completely leak proof’ which avoids spillage and seepage of water. It is deep sump to ensure maximum water level at all times.

PVC Fills:

Our standard fill is constructed of a honeycombed PVC film. This honeycomb construction ensures even water distribution and high efficiency water to air heat transfer. The PVC fill shall withstand a maximum inlet water temperature of 55 Deg. C. We can supply HIPS and ABS fills for high temperature application up to 100 Deg. C.

Drift Eliminators:

It is of PVC fixed type and ensure water carry over losses shall not exceed 0.02% of circulating water flow.

Water Distribution System:

In Round Cooling Tower : Specially designed rotary sprinkler head is made of aluminum alloy to avoid corrosion, also fitted with sealed ball bearings to take care of thrust & radial loads. Sprinkler Unit, which rotates through Inlet Water pressure. Distribution of water is uniform through out the fill Area.
In Square cooling tower : Static water distribution system made of GI/PVC pipe with multiple branch arms and non clogging PP spray nozzles for low pressure drop and uniform water distribution throughout the fill area.


The axial flow direct driven fans have been specifically designed for cooling tower use. It is made of cast aluminum blades and hub. They provide a large volume of stable air at low pressure while maintaining desired low noise levels. We can supply FRP fan with MS HDG or aluminum alloy hub as per client’s requirement.

Electric Motors

Specially designed totally enclosed vertical flange mounted motors with extended threaded shaft and sealed top is use in cooling tower. The motor is having weather proof IP-55 degree of protection, suitable for hot and humid atmosphere.

Supporting Structure

All supporting structure are of hot Dip Galvanised Steel We can also supply spares for wooden cooling tower like fan assembly, gearbox, drive shaft, coupler, bushing , spray nozzle, flow control valve, wooden and PVC splash bar, PVC ‘V’ bar, SS 304 Grid, etc.
FRP Casing FRP Basins PVC Fills Sprinkler Pipes Sprinklers Drift Eliminators

FRP Casing

FRP Basins

PVC Fills

Sprinkler Pipes



Drift Eliminators

Electric Motors Aluminum Fans FRP fans Sprinkler with Branch Pipes Static Water    

Electric Motors

Aluminum Fans

FRP fans

Sprinkler with Branch Pipes

Static Water
Distribution System


Round Bottle Type Cooling Towers | Square Type Cooling Towers | Fan & Fill Less Natural Drafts Type Cooling Towers

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