Specialty Polymers and Chemicals for Paints, Rubbers, Plastics

Chemigum And Sunigum - Thermoplastic Elastomers chemigum and sunigum - thermoplastic elastomers
Omnova Solution (Formerly Good Year), manufacturer of TPE for Various Polymers
Cray Valley - Hydrocarbon Resin
Cray Valley manufactures wide range of Wingtack and Norselene Resin. A tackifying resin which is world renowned product being used in manufacturing adhesive, paints etc most popular grades. cray valley - hydrocarbon resin
Wingtack 98:        Aliphatic C-5 petroleum hydrocarbon resin.
Wingtack Extra:    Aromatically modified C-5 hydrocarbon resin.
Wingtack 10:        Liquid Aliphatic C-5 petroleum hydrocarbon resin.
Norselene 155 S: Aromatic C-9 hydrocarbon resin for high temperature.
  novotex -polyurethane coating and adhesive grades

Novotex - Polyurethane Coating And Adhesive Grades

Novotex, Italy - A wide range of Polyurethane Adhesive and Coating product.

Antioxidant From Omnova Solution

Omnova Solution (Formerly Good Year), manufacturer of antioxidant for Rubber latex popular grade - Wingstay L and Winstay 29

Pliolite Resin

Omnova Solution - (Formerly Good Year), manufacturer of various grades of pliolite resin for paint industry and reinforcing resin for various purpose.

Chlorinated Polyethylene

CPE is and Impact Modifier for PVC Pipes, Conduits, Fencing, Roofs and Profiles etc.

pliolite resin
chlorinated polyethylene