PVC compounds, masterbatches, wire and cable masterbatches manufacturers
PVC compounds, masterbatches, wire and cable masterbatches manufacturers
About Bihani group
Bihani Group, founded by Mr. Sushil Bihani in 1974, is dedicated to developing and sourcing products for users of PVC compounds and Masterbatches for application in various product areas. The group has, since then, been involved in business with renowned corporations in both private and state-owned sectors, in India and Abroad. The group has a highly efficient trading SBU, which aims at sourcing raw materials for the plastics and the cable industry. Our procurement ranges from resins to finished specialty compounds. The enterprise has tie-ups with major global brands.
The company has also added new products in its core business of processed polymers. A green-field project in Bihani (Rajasthan) initiated in 2007 is now commissioned. Sate-of-art machinery and production technologies have been put in place to meet and exceed expectation levels of clients in India and abroad.
The company is also contemplating on the products of tomorrow, details of which is available on request.
In an essence, the group intends to service its clients with world class products, with regional availability and cost-effectiveness. Although new business have been added into the Group portfolio, but the core business would continue to be of processed polymers i.e. Compounds and Masterbatches.
In line with the global vision and practices of Bihani Group, our Masterbatches division follows strictest QC and R&D Norms, which have been laid down. Also, because Bihani Is a “Research Centric” organization, significant allocations have been made to develop a complete In-house R&D and QC Center.

• At Bihani, we are fully equipped to undertake R&D activity for any product requiring consideration.
• We bring together best technical minds of the industry.
• State-of-art Laboratory with most apparatus, required in the R&D and QC of Masterbatches.
• Spectro Photometer along with Development and QC Software.
• Lab-Model of various machineries required in the process

We are an ISO 9001:2000 DNV RvA Certified Organization

Our products comply with international standards such as:
• PVC Compounds
• Masterbatches
• RoHS
• Food Safe Products

PVC compounds, color masterbatch, halogen free flame retardant compounds, semi-conductive compounds, wire and cable masterbatches

PVC Compounds

Capacity addition has allowed us to introduce new and improved products, which have been manufactured on state-of-art production lines such as those from Coperion. The products are manufactured on twin-screw extruders ensuring the quality of the products. With the introduction of Modern manufacturing systems such as batch loaders, we not only ensure the accuracy of the formulations but also prevent contamination of end product. Our compounds not only ensure the perfect finish and output rates but also adhere to the technical aspects of it.
Applications: Flexible (For Wires and Cables), Automotives, Moulding, Vinyl Tubes, FRLS, RoHS Compounds


Color & Additive Masterbatches

Color masterbatches - Black masterbatches, white masterbatches, additive masterbatches, wire and cable masterbatches
Automotive/Electronics, Household (All Consumer Durables and Non-Durables), Medical & Health care, Food & packaging, Footwear applications, Wire & Cables. Our Masterbatches are available in several colors and for application in most of the available polymers such as: PVC, Polyethylene- LDPE/ LLDPE/ HDPE/EVA, Polyethylene HIPS/ SAN, Engineering Plastics- ABS, TPR Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

White Masterbatches

Wire and Cable Masterbatches


XLPE Masterbatches

• Standard XLPE Masterbatches, which can be used in any LT XLPE catalyst-based system
• Ambicat Masterbatches designed for grades such as Visico LE4423 / Ambicat LE4476 (Borealis)
Our products have been tried and tested for the performance by lndia’s leading cable manufacturers.


RoHS Masterbatches

In accordance with the European Union’s legislation and with the generating demand for Non- Toxic and Heavy Metal Free product.


Additive Masterbatches

A very wide range of Polymer Additive Masterbatch for plastic raw material manufactures & processors. These plastic additives are specially formulated to give good results at relatively low dosages.  

Halogen Free Flame Retardant Compounds (HFFR/ZHFR)

A range of Halogen free materials, ideal for flame retardant Cable insulation and sheathing are available from AEI Compounds, UK, through PolyGlobal IMPEX, a Bihani Group Company. Of the most common grades, we maintain stocks of the following grades :
TP 521:
This is the most common grade of AEI HFFR being marketed in India and in substantial volumes. This product addresses the “Cable Cracking” issue, which most of the Cable Manufacturers face. Thermoplastic low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant compound is for cable insulation and sheathing.
TP 519 C:
Thermoplastic low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant compound is for data/communication cable. The compound is designed for extrusion in “PVC Screw” A flame-retardant low-smoke thermoplastic compound, which has been specially, developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic/corrosive fume emission. Developed to offer good process ability at high extrusion speeds and having very little die drool. All versions comply with the requirements of VDE Spec 0207 Part 24 for type HM4.
CT06/ 81:
Silane crosslinkable low-smoke low-toxicity halogen-free flame-retardant compound is for insulation of LV cables and sheathing of all types of cable. Details of this compound are available on request.
• Moisture cross-linkable
• 90 Degrees Centigrade applications
• Revolutionary product

Cross Linkable- Polyethylene/ Semi-conductive Compounds (X-Link) and EPDM

PVC Compounds | Color Masterbatches | Halogen Free Flame Retardant Compounds | Cross Linkable - Polyethylene/Semi-conductive Compounds

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