Air Bubble Sheet Extrusion Plant

The machine produces Air Bubbled Sheet through mold using LDPE continuously. Bubble Cylinder is associated with vacuum pump and it makes air bubble embossing pattern. For all time maintain the proper vacuum pressure which can be accustomed by using of ball valve. Forming progression, the pair of films - one is embossed and the other is flat are laminated. Bubble Cylinder is various in customer sizes. Konark Plastomech Pvt. Ltd. has designed and developed Air Bubble Sheet Plant to give maximum efficiency to continuous production, minimize down time and offering a long service life. Air Bubble Sheet Extrusion Plant  
• "Single" Machine makes it compact, user-friendly, Power and Cost saving
• With all AC variable speed drives with Synchronization system
• Third layer & fourth layer for paper, foam & aluminum foil lamination
• With and without Fully Automatic PLC Controlled Winder

• Third layer. Fourth Layer Attachment is also available.
• Bubbles as per customers’ required size and different type of design.
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