Raffia Tape Sretching Line

Raffia Tape Sretching Line - Raffia Tape Sretching Line used for woven or poly-twine application. The production flat yarn by blown film, that is in-line longitudinally slit into narrow stripes, stretched, annealed, and each flat yarn/raffia/tape is winded by precision cross winder. HDPE / PP - Raffia Tape Sretching Line, HDPE / PP Lamination lines are for better conditioning of the tapes at higher line speeds. A branded name in Plastic Extrusion Machinery, Konark Plastomech Pvt. Ltd. provides Raffia Tap Lines. Raffia Tape Sretching Line  
• Availability of different models of screw size 51mm to 102mm with plain or grooved feed option
• High production rate from 100kg/hr to 350kg/hr. (depending upon tape profile)
• Nitride screw and barrel made out from special Nitro alloy steel for long-life and trouble free operations
• AC frequency drive with synchronized system
• PID Temperature Controller
• With or without stabilizing arrangement
• Waste collection chamber with only 0.75 HP to 1 HP

• Hydraulic Screen Changer
• Hot Air Oven or Hot Water Tank
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