Excel Heaters Pvt. Ltd is India 's leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Heaters, Custom heaters for plastic processing machinery as well as Thermocouples for over three decades. The Company is poised for larger values and volumes due to its growing presence in the global market. Excel heaters is driven by performance rather than size, which enables us to enhance our competitive edge. With the development of a portfolio of committed patrons, we are now on the threshold of creating exclusive and top quality sources for our products, through joint ventures and other similar synergies.
Excel Heaters has formed strategic alliance with its suppliers, exclusively for the benefit of its customers. Our transparency with our customers gives us an edge in creating value, solving problems and meeting schedules. Our management philosophy encourages mutual understanding, a good working relationship between the management and the staff in the spirit of fairness and equality, thereby drawing the skills of our employees and developing them to the fullest. Top
  Products & Services
Heaters Thermocouples and Services
Excel Heaters Pvt. Ltd offers a very wide range of heaters and heating products that can be customized to your specifications. Over the years Excel Heaters has built a large portfolio of products taking into consideration price adaptability and economy of cost.
Our heaters have found ready acceptance in the Indian and the international market. The Excel Heater's products strike a balance between technology and market needs and our product range includes:
Ceramic Jacketed Heaters - Top Quality Power Saver
Ceramic Heaters - High Temperature and Wattages
Box Cover Heat Insulation Heaters - Top Quality Power Saver
Mica Band Heaters - Special and Custom
Cartridge Heaters –High Density and Low Densit
Thermocouples Casting Heaters- for hot runner systems Micro Coil  Tubular heaters Quartz Heaters
Infrared heaters- Heat Cool heaters Perforated jacket, air cooled heaters
  Heater Manufacturing Infrastructure
Excel Heaters Pvt. Ltd has been solving complex and unique application problems of heaters for the plastic processing machinery industry for over 30 years. The Company has branded machines for manufacturing quality heaters with higher production efficiency and convenience of use. We take a lot of effort during the heater designing process to minimize the rate of rejection. Each of our heaters carry an inspection report stating the specifications required and observed. We are continuously improving our heater designs utilizing our engineering expertise, our experience and knowledge gained from studying end-user applications and field performance. Top
Excel Heaters Pvt. Ltd operates with a truly global perspective and uses global parameters to benchmarks its operations, quality of products, financial and human resources and customer satisfaction. Interaction with customers help us to develop and launch new heaters to the market as well as redesign existing heaters to make them more user friendly and reliable. We serve a highly diversified customer base and produce wide range of heater products including those for injection moulding machines, blow molding machines, plastic extruders, thermoformers and other applications. We serve our customers in the most effective and cost-efficient manner by thoroughly understanding the requirements of their heating applications. We value our customers and our commitment shows in our high level of customer service and satisfaction. We understand the need to execute orders in time, offer after-sales service in case of problems and also provide customer training on heater design and usage Top
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Company Name Excel Heaters Pvt. Ltd
Contact Person Mr. Bharat Shah
Address 122, Andheri Industrial Estate, Veera Desai Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053, India
Contact Number + 91-22-2673 0888 / 2673 1171-72
Contact Number + 91-22-2673 1173
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